Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowed In

We are getting a shitload of snow here in Connecticut as I type this . It's about 2 am , The snow started at 11pm and there's already a good 6 inches on the ground and we still have 8 hours of snow to go ....we are fucked !!

So despite the snow , we are gonna do this up :

Oops”, an experimental video by Chris Beckman was a winner in this year’s Vimeo Awards. Beckman scoured Youtube for people dropping their cameras and used this motif to stitch together a compelling 10-minute adventure. The transition at 4:35 is incredible!

Finnish Dinosaur metal. You know! For kids!

A bit of info about the band's origin story: The band members were "hatched" from five metal eggs that had lain buried in a mountain from 65 million years in the past. In the origin story, "lightning and witches' spells" unearthed the eggs and brought them to life. Front-osaur "Mr Hevisaurus" is a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Drummer "Komppi Momppi" - Rantanen himself - is an Apatosaurus. Lead guitarosaur "Riffi Raffi", though hatched from the same eggs, is a dragon.

Crazy 20 car pileup where cars come randomly skidding down the road ...Watch this one .

7 more abandoned wonders of the world - From Institutions to military bases

12 Hilarious Sitcom Situations That Suck In Real Life

What did you do this weekend? That's nice. Charlie Sheen had a foursome with three porn stars.

"Sega Brings Gaming to the Bathroom With Urine-Controlled Video Game"

Here's a video to finish off this snowy day :

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