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TDC WEAW Night Flight Joey Meets Jerry

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Pour/pack-puff/rip open that bag of Cheetos; do whatever it is you do when you come to Richie's mighty TDC for a weekend tale. No one here will look twice at you for your enjoyment of imbation, my friend.

Shit is about to get ugly.

You might want to reread a bit from last weekend to get your mind into this fucked up game.

This video is for the psychopath I had been introduced to at this three day party a night ago. "I don't care about anyone else but me.......Gawdamn, I love ME."

Crank this bitch up.

So, I walked through the garage to the front of Tellesco's long ranch-style home (which was out in the country side of Fuckno) to get a breath of fresh air that smelled like freshly mowed lawn and cow shit from the neighboring fig tree orchards.

There were some other folks out there, smoking cigarettes and chatting.

Vehicles lined the driveway, the dirt road, and some were parked among the fig trees across from this home. Fig trees are built like vibranium alloy, due to their slow growth over decades, and they do not grow all that tall. Especially when they are pruned to remain short and stout.

There was a hearse in the driveway that had a Misfits skull on the hood and a circle A on the door.

Well, I was quite taken aback. Who the hell drives a hearse, for crissakes?

And one defaced like this?

It was Jerry’s hearse.

You know that from previous tales, but to see a hearse always gives one a start.

If you are new here, allow me to tell you a bit about what has been written about Jerry from previous tales here at TDC.

He eventually joined our small band of pirates, (punks, if you prefer) and this was both bad and good. Bad is to be an enemy of such a fellow. Good is to have him on your side, so that he wasn't targeting you. Well, even to have him around wasn't all that good.

Perhaps there is no good in knowing a psychopath. According to the DSM IV, they are odd but charming, and at the utmost, they never truly have empathy for anyone else, although they appear to. It's all about them. But, they will always bring the pain.

They are also narcissistic.

This means that they do not care about anyone else but them.

And, they love themself. No one else.

OK, it's never a good thing. You will see in a bit.


A space vehicle the color of a nasty bruise came flying down the country lane, raising a big cloud of dust behind it. It was a friggin K-car, a four door granny car with windows up.

Hell, at least their windows were up.

It was Joey's granny car. You know this.

Joey, as it turned out, was always and will always be quite fond of wine. This did not bode well for the Secret Stash. It did not bode well for the party, or did it?

I think that he may have been drinking wine.

This car began to slow from its racing speed on the dusty lane, then turned in just past the cars parked on the other side of the cement driveway, and screeched its wheels. There was not enough driveway to stop it.

I stepped back in time.

The car swerved to my right and the wheels weren't moving, but the car still was.

The front lawn stopped the car.

Shredded grass flew up around it in reverse rooster tail from the front, and then the doors were flung open.

Joey jumped out and smiled big. “Weeeeee-ill!”


“I got some fiends here.”


The cloud of dust blew up onto the driveway and swept over everyone who was there.

Which included me, all freshly showered. Not any more. Fucker.

Now we all looked like we were in a Road Warrior movie, or perhaps from a classic Tom Petty music video that once played on a certain Music Television Video cable channel; I forget the name of it…

The space ship occupants exited their vehicle on this new planet.

Joey came up and shook my hand. This was a practice that Bryan instigated, instead of hand jive, which is high fives and such, and instead, the way that men who are solid greet each other.

Nolei stepped forth and I smiled. She did, too, and we both tasted the grit of the dust. We hugged, and I instantly missed her German compatriot.

Joey turned and introduced his buddy. "This is Tommy Hewitt."

I coughed from the dust and shook hands with Tommy, and told him, "Hi. Welcome to this new planet."

He just smiled. He would have many stories of his own to tell us.

A familiar girl came forth from Little Lion Man's spaceship.

Joey said, "This is Felissa. She is Tommy's date."





This was the girl whom I'd befriended in the bushes at MickFucklane High and who...


It did not bode well, my friend. But you are strapped in for the ride, so let's just continue on, shall we? I promise you that it won't hurt a bit...

This is not Tellesco's Ranch. This is tdcwillies' story house. Enter, if you dare.

Punkidote here.

"Little Lion Man!" I clapped Joey on his back, quite hard, but he didn't get it. "How nice of you to bring some fiends. This will be a very interesting party. Fuck."

Felissa noticed that, of course.

Joey flashed his devilish smile. "What you been up to Weeeeee-ill?"

I grimaced.

"I've been up to the stars. With a devil as my pilot."



I introduced Joey to those I knew, and then left his gang of fiends to go look for Bryan and Sean.

I found Sean. "Sean, Joey's here. I need to ask you something about Jerry. Felissa is here, too."

Sean looked me up and down and said, "Damn, Willie Boy. Why do you always look like you just came back from the moon?"

I looked down at the dust on my clothes. "Shit. Joey don't know how to drive on a dirt road. Shit."

Sean laughed and this made his Buddha belly quiver like a bowl of jelly, Santa-style.

A tall, very pretty girl came in through the front door and headed directly to Sean. She hugged him, smiling at him in a secret way with her light brown eyes, and he slapped her ass when she then walked away.

“Sean, who is that?” I asked him, watching her head to the sink in the kitchen to help Tellesco wash dishes. She had long brown hair, sort of wavy down her back, and it stopped just above her little butt.

Sean said, “That is Minacca.” He smiled, eye-balling her.

“How do you know her, Sean?”

Sean looked at me with fun in his eyes. “From last night, and all night, and all this morning. Heheheh.”


I got a clue, not a tale, but it was interesting nonetheless.

She was the one who had made the dent in his pillow, his bed, and in his brain. She'd flown off in her own vehicle back to home to clean up, only to return after the dust had settled from Joey’s arrival, and before hundreds more showed up.

Imbation had beheld these two the previous night, (which is now a term to be used for drinking too much,) and that was when they had partaken of each other.


Guess I had a few things wrong about him and Tellesco.

Ya think?


Joey introduced folks to Tommy Hewitt.

Joey met Jerry, and he was shocked when Jerry giggled like a crazy clown with an axe.

Little Lion Man took me aside. "What the fuck is up with that dude, dude?"

I bent close to his head. "He's the one who drove the hearse here."

Joey frowned as I grimaced. He said, "We gonna need more wine."

Bryan slapped us both on the backs which made us jump. His lips were purple.

"Ssshhhhay guysss!"

Oh shit. Bryan had gotten into the wine already. And you know what would happen next.


More powder.

Hell, it was his party after all, huh?


Now, you know how much your friend tdc willies enjoys science and space and such. So, this next link is mindful of the event that occurred 25 years ago, and dedicated to the awesome space explorers who have the best job ever, and to the families of We Americans who perished during the Challenger Disaster.


Here are 25 myths about the Challenger Disaster.

On another note, hear much about Julian Strange of WikiPiss fame and the “Anonymous” hackers who disrupted services for a short period of time at several world-wide online sites?

Of course you haven’t. FBI fucked them up. OBEY.

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Yeah, Shaq can’t afford $35K. Huh.

Finally, “Like A Glove!” Little girl parks her vehicle like Ace Ventura.

Here’s Ace.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, two more for ya.

You know that i always give props to my fellow Maine musicians.

Here's Cambiata. Changing Everything.

Rough video. Give them a contract.


When these guys get huge, buy their music. Here’s Portland, Maine’s Headstart, “Me vs Me.”


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