Monday, January 24, 2011

Wow ....Now thats a meal

I Guess my First and Last Question to all of this would be ....WHY ??

Here's the video :

And for all of you who cant see Youtube videos at work , Here's a picture story ...

Yeah ..I know ...I know ~

Here we go .......

Jurrasic Park theme slowed down 1000% ...It's quite creepy .

The New York Jets almost managed to recover from a hopeless 24-3 drubbing in the first half. ......Almost

Lively debate about a presumably fake Selena Gomez topless pic (with the pic in question)

The Worst Snowstorms in the World ....We are having one this week too !

A photoblog dedicated to the fact that Ronald Reagan - and only Ronald Reagan - can solve all of our problems.

Lupe Fuentes ( NSFW ) - She better hope she doesn't wipe out skateboarding like that. She's not even wearing knee pads.

The best 20 nicknames from the recent mafia bust , And here you thought boxers had badass nicknames.

The Beastie Boys short film will be epic . You gotta fight for your right to have the greatest cast for a short film ever assembled.

Here is your Monday Music Break ......

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