Monday, February 14, 2011

Grammy Rundown

I dont know how much Grammy Shit you people will read but I wanted to point out a couple highlights and lowlights from last night's Grammy's ...I'll be quick so just hang with me .


The Muse
- I dont know much about this band but their performance and song last night was amazing ! I think these guys might be the next huge band if they already are and I dont know it .

Eminem - His whole performance from beginning to end was great , From Dr Dre coming out to him getting his "fire" back and raging all performance was awesome .

Arcade Fire - Another solid band that blew me away ..I really enjoyed Them alot

Rhianna - This girl never ceases to amaze me . She always puts on a kickass performance .

The Lowights

Bob Dylan
- Please stop , Do I even have explain this one ? He is an ass with horrendous music that everyone is left wonder what the fuck are we watching ??

Usher - His voice live was probably the worst of the night . He couldnt keep the tune !

Then we get to Lady GaGa ....Aww Shit .

What happened to Lady GaGa , Who touched her ? She is an ass on momentous proportions . She's not deep , she's not profound ....she's an ass !

She said it was going to be the biggest song of the decade, that it would influence and save lives. She also bragged about writing the song in 10 minutes. Then she released this mediocre track that any decent songwriter would be embarrassed of, especially if it took any more than 10 minutes to write. It's way too late for her to try and hide behind the excuse of this being a tribute to Madonna. Perhaps, just perhaps, she isn't everything she says she is?

She shows up in an egg ( see pic above ) ......Let me say that again .....She showed up in a egg and wouldnt come out until she performed . She had LT shoulders and she ripped off a Madonna song to boot . He outfits arent shocking anymore , She schtick is old and tired ......please stop !

It was good and bad all wrapped into one show .

Here we go .......

Obsolete Entertainment: The Museum of 8-Track Tapes

Vending Machine Attendant Admits B3 Selection Has Changed A Lot Over The Years

OK , How the fuck have I not seen this yet because it has almost 500,000 views and no one bought this to my attention ?? Word to you all , If you EVER see a grown man acting like a ninja video that I havent posted then send it to me ...God Damnit !!

Big buttocks: Where does our obsession come from?

Our long male nightmare is over: The Clap-Off Bra

Lindsay Lohan's Court Outfits Ranked In Order Of Hotness - The reason she wore such a tight dress to court yesterday was because her broke-ass sold all of her good clothes to the swap shop for gas money to get there.

My Ex-Boyfriend's Closet
Another lover scorned has taken it upon herself to use the internet as revenge by selling her ex-boyfriend's clothes on Ebay. Half-Naked and sexily. You can get the full story at the bottom of the auctions.

An Old Lady Re-Dubs Porn For Overseas Markets - It's nice to see they put so much effort into getting all the ball-slapping and slurping sound effects just right for our global companions.

Katie Fey (NSFW)
- Smoking in the pool is fun and games until your hands get wet and ruin the filter

Grammy Music Break ...

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