Monday, February 28, 2011


Thats right people , It's the TDC's first annual RANT WEEK where we are gonna let it all hang out and let you know how we really feel about certain things that have been bothering us . If you have anything you need to get off your chest , Email me @ and write me a little summary of what your pissed about and it just might make it on the column sometime this week .

Ok , Im going to start off with a subject that is near and dear to MOST of our hearts ...ROCK MUSIC .

Let's face it people , Rock Music as a main stream genre is DEAD and I dont know how ? What the Fuck happened ?? They said this was the first year in 25 years that a rock album didnt crack the top 25 and it doesnt seem to be getting any better . There are rock radio stations flipping formats faster than Wesley Snipes running to the tax office !

Part of the charm of rock music is that practically anyone can play it. It can be written by amateurs and performed by teenagers without those difficult and expensive years of training that other forms of music require. Unfortunately, that also makes it the perfect “corporate” music.

This was quoted from THIS article : " In the new music consumer’s mind, rock and roll is an idea of the past. With the rise in numbers of those using social media and technology for music discovery the old way of marketing is no longer relevant. As these tactics become antiquated, so do the terms and movements that were once built up by them. The monetization of the genres and social movements still happens today but not to the effect it did forty years ago at the height of the rock and roll movement.

Rock and roll was once urgent, immediate, a call to arms, and powerful because it was ugly and different. It encouraged outsiders to embrace their differences and live outside of both musical and societal norms. Now due to the rise of technology, the musician’s middle class, and the destruction of the myth of rock and roll, the genre has died.

For good."

Rock 'n' roll in the 80s were all about metal bands. Long hair, makeup, and lots of noise. In the 90s, we went grunge. Sure, hip hop has taken over the charts, but I see plenty of guitar going on with some of the new bands.

Confused by all this, I looked up the definition of "rock 'n' roll." Most web definitions seem to now place rock 'n' roll as something that describes music of the 50s and 60s. Which means rock 'n' roll died when disco came along. Rock 'n' roll was replaced by pop, country, and R&B.

I mean for christs sake , We know there is a problem when Justin Beiber makes the cover of Rolling Stone . How many Madonna clone's can one guy listen to ??

Bring Rock Music back before it's too late !

Here we go ......

Oscar results from the official site , Completely predictable night. I don't think there was a single unexpected winner.

Charlie Sheen Peed In a Cup In Front of a Journalist to Prove His Sobriety

Here's a good reason Rock is Dead - THIEVES !!

Elephant has sex with a car
(with picture)

Photographing cows or other farm scenery could land you in jail in Florida. As well they should. It's high time we take those hoity-toity cow photographers down a peg.

12 of the world´s ugliest buildings

Ok , Ok ..The George Mason University band is trying to keep Rock alive and doing a bad ass job of it ! ( P.S - The chick in the red shirt is a major band geek )

Ask Reddit: What's Your Most Embarrassing "Dad's Porn" Moment?
I don't recall ever having a "Dad's porn" moment, but I did get a friend in trouble for stealing centerfolds out of his dad's stash and he got blamed for it. I never told him it was me.

Chastity Lynn (NSFW)
- Something tells me she's not very chaste at all.

The Fifty Greatest Rap Commercials
, with video evidence, of course.

Ok , Tomorrow we will talk again about stupid women because it's RANT WEEK !!!
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