Friday, February 18, 2011



Fucking Maury Povich is screwed !!

How much do you love the anticipation of waiting for him to say those golden words " You ARE NOT the father " ??

And now in 2011, after years and years of watching Maury Povich paternity hilarity, Identigene comes along and renders Maury obsolete. For years guys like Springer and Povich and the Godfather Richard Bey watched their audience disappear as more and more viewers could see wacky shit on the internet. But the endless supply of sexually promiscuous minorities always provided a niche market that kept Maury afloat. I mean the quiet moments right before a You Are/Are Not The Father! announcement is drama that you can’t get anywhere else. A 9th inning home run or a last second field goal doesn’t even compare. You know you are on the precipice of watching the life of a baby mama/daddy crumble. It was guaranteed life destruction. You can’t get that at Wawa. And now, all this is taken from us. Hoodrats everywhere can do this in the privacy of their own projects. A shame, indeed. Technology giveth, and technology taketh away.

Good Bye Great TV , We will miss you and I'll light a candle for you . Here's a video montage of the great Maury :

See the theme here ????

Here we go ......

Here's a big WTF ?? The Kardashians made $65 million last year

The $30 million private race to the moon is on .....I'm working on my vertical.

Road officials who built a wall across a 70mph motorway at night without warning motorists are being sued by crash victims......The wall had no lights or signs. You have to see the picture.

2011 Spring Training: Miguel Cabrera of Detroit Tigers arrested on drunken driving charge

Nazi 3D films
from 1936 discovered

- This website allows you to instantly add laser eyes to any picture. That's it. Game over. Go home. This is officially the greatest website ever.

Hospital Food, The Website
. If you weren't sick before, you sure as hell will be now.

A Tribute To Sexy Housewives .....maybe ?

An Awesome Gallery Of Snipers In Hi-Res

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