Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Old Lady Vigilante

Ok , Im calling BRAVO SIERRA on this right now !!!

Take a look at this shit :

Problem # 1 - Who the fuck pulls off a jewlery store heist from the outside and during the day in plain view of everyone ??

Problem # 2 - What kind of crooks try to plan their getaway on a vespa ....with 3 guys per Vespa ??

Problem # 3 - How many old lady who are dressed like Santa Claus do you seeing running around the streets let alone pulling a Charles Bronson ?

Problem # 4 - If that lady came up to me while I was trying to rob a store , I would have pistol whipped her graham cracker boned cheek with my crow bar so quick she would have turned to dust !!

Im saying fake all the way but it did happen overseas and I dont count out anything like this from a country where the cops dont carry guns .

Here we go ......

Olivia Munn GIFs: The Definitive Collection

Citizens of Fort Wayne protest naming a governemnt building after a former fur-term mayor. You're probably thinking, "That seems a bit mundane to be classified as 'DC Worthy "

Well, the problem is, you see, that the man's name is Harry Baals, and it's pronounced pretty much the way you're thinking right now, so no matter which building they choose, it's gonna be ..

Golden Globes Fight Back Against Payola Allegations

Baseball is almost here which means so is summer.....

The Six Greatest Drunken Award Show Moments..With video evidence, of course.

You know what they say... When life gives you snow, make awesome Star Wars tributes.

The 50 Biggest Photo Fails In Hip Hop History , Hey, man, rappers are people, too.

A Huge Collection Of Lovely Ladies In Lingerie
- Remember when they only whack-off material you had were the chicks wearing granny panties in the Sears catalog? Kids are so lucky these days.

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