Friday, February 11, 2011


The Pussification of America continues .Im ashamed to even call myself an american after watching this video ..for the love of god !


Tell a sad fucking story about you have mouths to feed and rent to pay and flash a gun and you get free money . Jesus , I should be a god damn millionaire by now if thats it . Remember the days of the criminal pistol whipping the teller because the teller forgot the safe combo or jumping behind the counter and ripping the whole register out and running out of the store with it ?

We need better criminals , This must have been an upscale community ...God damn white people fucking up our good surveillance robbery videos !!

Seriously though , This goes to show you that we are in desperate times. Things are getting really bad out there. A normal polite guy does not want to rob the store, but he has to feed the kids and pay the rent. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Ok , Here we go .......

The Top 10 Peasant Liquors
- A fifth of Gilby's Vodka is $6.35 (with tax) at BJ's. Beat that.

Charlie Sheen's approval ratings are going ... UP!

Things To Do For Lonely People
On Valentine's Day

A Queens limo operator admitted billing a Hong Kong mogul's credit card nearly $800,000 after driving him 13 miles.

6 Jobs You Won't Believe You Can Outsource

This Guy Will Do Anything!
He sounds pretty resourceful and the prices are decent, but sometimes when you can choose from literally anything all you can come up with is nothing so it's a good thing he has some ideas.

Basketball Coach Shows His True Colors & Spazzes Playing NBA 2k11 With His Son!

Angel Barber (NSFW)
- She would be great to have as a barber considering there is no way she would be able to avoid rubbing those huge titties all over you as she worked.

The Ten Coolest Super Bowl Rings
- They should start giving players gun permits and condoms instead of bling.

A Gallery Of Sexy Athletes In Action
......With sweat glistening all over their bawdees.

Standing Tall: The Most Jaw-Dropping Rock Climbing Walls
Yeah, something's going to drop out of your pants if you make it to the top of a couple of these things.

Detailed Illustrations Of Every Star Trek Starfleet Bridge - Everything you ever wanted to know about the bridges of Starfleet, but were too afraid to let anyone know you care about Star Trek to ask.

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