Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Ok , So I noticed the only time people ever respond to ANYTHING these days is when I go off on a rant about shit I dont like so I figured why not start THE TDC 1st ANNUAL RANT WEEK !!

There is nothing better than letting loose on things and people you cant stand and All our TDC contributors will be ranting also so you will get my rants , Hoot's Rant and Willies weekend rants . Also if you have a rant you want to contribute , you can post it in the forums and Im sure there will be plenty of people to comment on it . It's good to get that stuff off your chest !


Here we go ......

This is from a reader : The Most Incredible Sword Fights in History , Who knew they even had swordfights anymore ? ( Thanks Ken )

Lady Gaga's Naked, Racy Supreme Modeling Shoot (VIDEO)

The extraordinary face of the Moon in EXTREMELY high resolution.

320,000 firecrackers going off ..At Once !

Sexting Pics Of R&B Singer Keyshia Cole Are LEAKED ( NSFW )

Emmy Rossum explains how she prevents “penetration

Is this Sarah Palin's secret Facebook page?

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Music Break .....

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