Friday, February 25, 2011

Step aside Haj !!

You know what I just noticed , Hoot never put up a column this week .....Weird ?


You god damn Towelheads better recognize cause the big dogs are coming through . No seriously, you young Iraqis packing fourteen in the back seat better be prepared to get your turbans snapped off your heads. We’re fuckin America and when terrorism calls no bumper is safe. And don’t even think about crossing the street with that bread cart asshole. Ram rod Humvee just swingin balls through your sandy neighborhood.

Just can’t imagine another country bringing their military into America and ramming our cars like this. Everybody in that Humvee would be murdered. Doesn’t matter if it’s the ghetto kid with new rims or the redneck with a 2011 F-150. Someone in that Humvee is going to die.

Here we go ......

Based on the totality of Charlie Sheen’s statements, conduct and condition, CBS and Warner Bros TV have decided to discontinue production of Two and a Half Men for the remainder of the season

The greatest baseball line-up of all time

Nifty little utility based on some sabermetric principles. You fill in any line-up and it will give you the optimal line-ups and the number of runs per game produced by each line-up.

Google Books now has every issue of Spy Magazine online

Cops: Shoplifter Stuffed a Chainsaw Down His Pants [VIDEO]

Beer to be classified as an alcoholic drink for the first time in Russia

Best See-through Homes on the market.

Amber Portwood
("Teen Mom") Takes It All Off

The Top Ten Etiquette Tips For Social Functions - If you're the type to get too drunk and act retarded at any and every social gathering, and I'm guessing that most of you are considering it takes one to know one, then this article is for you.

The Black Widow Steampunk Chopper - This motorcycle is, simply put, fucking amazingly badass.

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