Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Monday

Packers won , Steelers lost , Halftime show was just ok , and most of the commercials sucked ...that about covers the Superbowl .

Alot of people piss me off when the subject of UFO's comes up and people dont believe them . Are you seriously going to tell me you really think in this HUGE universe that we , the dopes that we are , are the only living things out there ...seriously ?

Cmon people wake up and realize there's life other places , Watch this :

Looks pretty cool and will at least make you think about it real or not ....Right ??

BTW , What the fuck was someone from Mississippi doing in Jerusalem ???

Here we go........

Here's a link to all your Superbowl commercials
....Enjoy if you missed them .

The 12 Most Obnoxious People At Every Super Bowl Party . Just remember that if you can't locate any particular one of these people at the party, then it's probably you

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....Epic wins are epically epic. Epic.

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