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TDC WEAW Weekend At Willies Night Crash

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Let's go Figging.

For Lorelei. Rest In Peace.

If you recall, I had almost drowned in the pool the first night of this three day party, but then traveled to the stars, thanks to the strange-looking punk Jerry.

Lorelei was on the Night Flight that crashed to Earth over the Atlantic, just before reaching France, on the way to its destination in Germany. She went to the bottom of the sea. I would like to think she stayed in flight, and went straight up to the stars. Amen.

Those who had watched this tragic news on the Music Tele-Vision (MTV) cable channel did not know she had been on that flight, nor did I until later.

They simply heard about a jet crash from the MTV Video Jockey (VJ) while I was down in the ground, underneath the house, looking at expensive vintages of wine and cigars with Bryan.

When I finally did find out this sad news, the long, ranch-styled home had burned to the ground from the gunfight, which began while we punks were out "figging."

Now get your head ready for the culmination of this latest chapter, won't you?

Night Crash

But first...

Bryan, Sean, Tommy Hewitt and I sat across from Jerry, while many others looked on.

Jerry took up the whole side of the cock-punch dining room table with his back to the wall. He had three dusty bottles of reds aligned on the table along with an empty crystal goblet that had deep angles cut into it, criss-crossing and glinting in rainbow colors under the bright light of the overhead chandelier.

The walls were tall in this stately ranch, and the tomb was even deeper.

Joey came in through the sliding glass door, and Jerry stood up.

"Who the fuck let him in?!"

The punk band's drummer waved his hands at Jerry. "Dude, he says he knows these guys."

Joey stepped forward and peered over our shoulders, and his eyes went big when he saw the large chunk of white snow on the kitchen table. "Holeeeeee Fuck meeeee."

Jerry was ready to break bones, and he glared at us. "This true?"

I stood up and said, "Hey, no worries, Jerry. That's why I introduced you to him. Joey is one of us."

Joey just grinned. He was cocky like that.

Jerry gave me the willies again. He giggled. "Of course. Please forgive me. There is a lot of bad business here. Please sit." He could turn on a dime, in more ways than one.

Joey abided.

So, we had a Ska band playing on the rear deck, with a Punk band to follow after, and there was a huge bonfire erupting, which warmed everyone up outside.

This was during the winter in a high desert valley, and even though it was warm for those of us who do not live in such a hot place, well, when night falls, it can get cold.

There might be snow. Ya think?

Tellesco's home had this heated swimming pool out back, off to the left, and the bonfire roared about fifty yards away in the vast expanse of the back yard, and beyond that, another half a football field away, sat acres of fig tree orchards, planted in aisles and rows, like ski slaloms.

One might consider coursing through them at high speeds in a Jeep with a really powerful engine.

But that could end up disastrous.

The nearest neighbors were a mile away on either side. We were truly alone, out in the desert.

But, because of the huge bonfire, it became easy to find for some bad people who wanted to cause damage to folks at this party.

Like, a guy whose Once Lovingly Adorned Home had been fucked up, and he, Gilbert, wanted revenge against Bryan.

Like, a guy who got mad about his treatment for wiping his hands on a drape, and he hated Jerry from before.

Like, some dealers who wanted in on the selling of wares...

...And they brought armament.

It also stood, glowing in the night sky, as a beacon for the hundreds of people who were showing up all night long.

Word had gotten out, you see.

And it got ugly.

Fucking ugly.

Some guys had brought many kegs of beer and were charging folks ten dollars for a blue plastic cup, free refills.

Others were holding court on picnic tables spread around the bonfire. Tellesco's parents held many cook-outs and barbecues throughout the year for their friends and business partners.

They were rich old fucks who knew how to party quite well.

Upon these picnic tables sat folks who had brought along their own wares, and it was a barbecue of a different sort.

If one had brought cash along for such a party, there were many illicit materials for one to check out.


Now before we go on, it must be said here that your friend willies does not advocate drug use. Drugs are bad. Do not use drugs. This is simply a description of a time, 25 years ago, when a young fellow entered a dark period of his life, but eventually, he found redemption.

That is the point of these stories I have been telling you all this time here at the Mighty TDC.

Just Say No.

Do Not Enter.


Well let me tell you my friend, Joey finally found his true love.

Sean's own true love would be a purification of this nasty whore of a white powder which would appear later on along our path, and she would completely wreck him.

But for tonight, well, holy fuck.

We were all like school kids and Jerry was the scary clown/teacher, showing us how to ride the rails. He had a big train.

Sean awoke.

Bryan woke the hell up.

Joey began to dance.

Me? I just could not help myself. My body told me no, but I wanted more.

Remember, you will always want more, looking for the first high, and you won't ever get it, and then you will end up looking for more, and then you are fucked.

Sean's brother Ant Knee leaned in, and that was when the rest of those who were hovering over us began their schooling.

Some were old school.

We were feeling so good that Sean wanted to take we bastards to the figs.


But we held off for a bit.

Joey, well, his eyes were open.

In more ways than one.


Jerry giggled and smiled at us as he read from the label of the first bottle of wine.

"Gateaux DuFromage Au Benwaa Ballse Bordeaux. 1832." Jerry poured from this bottle, one of three which had been breathing for a little while. He said, "The ritual that one performs before experiencing any intoxicant is as important as the experience of the intoxicant itself."

He would turn out to be quite right, I found out later on, but for now, I thought he was just wasting time.

He swirled it in the goblet. He sniffed it. He tasted. He inhaled over the wine in his mouth, and swallowed. The he tasted his tongue. He ejaculated all over the table.

I kid you.

Jerry did not ejaculate the way that you might think after doing this ritual. He simply told us all about the excellence of the flavor from this old vintage.

Which was pretty boring.

But he set the goblet down and began a new ritual. This involved a small tea strainer and pistle, which is grinding tool, and before you new it, there was a small hill of white powder upon the bone china plate, next to a razor blade.

He looked up at we five bastards who sat across from him. "Who's first?"

The others looked at Bryan, for this was his party. And Bryan nodded.


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