Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Transfer Me ....NOW !!

Here's something I had no idea about and actually learned it off the internet ...go figure ?

Did you know that when those annoying bill collectors , who are obviously of indian decent but try to pass themselves off as "Todd " , Call you and try to get you to give them all your info but it takes you 20 minutes because you have no idea what they are saying .

Well you can stop them in their tracks and turn the tables by asking them if they are in the USA and when they say no you can DEMAND that they transfer you to a operator in the US and they have to transfer you , it's the law !! I tried it the other day and I couldnt believe it worked .They did it without question and it only took a minute or so .

Now im going to do it just to piss them off even if I do understand them ...It's actually fun to hear the displeasure in their voices to have to tell you the truth .

Try It !

Here we go ....

Saving Private Ryan re-cut as a comedy

Colombian military
seizes 100-foot drug sub capable of holding 8 tons of cocaine (VIDEO)

Demi Moore Bikini Pictures Prove She's Still the GILF to Beat

Landry Fields is a funny bastard !!

Fourteen Prequels Even Hollywood Wouldn't Make
. Please don't test them...

Tunde Pavlik (NSFW)
Allow me to just go ahead and say what you're thinking... That is one fucked up name. Her initials are also TP. Talk about not getting a break.

There Is A Lot Of Biting, Licking & Grabbing Going On Here Girls
Carry on...

Amazing Photos Of Marines Battling In The Musa Qala District

I laughed and laughed when I 1st saw this until I found out she had a stroke on air during this ...Damn You , Screwing up my laugh with your stroke !

Who Is Arcade Fire??!?!?? The only surprising thing about this website popping up is that it's not titled "Who The FUCK Is Arcade Fire???!?"

Music Break time .....

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