Thursday, February 24, 2011

Were trying to live here !!

All Next week is RANT WEEK !!!

Ok , Here's a little ditty that should get you going ..

This lady takes her car out in a blizzard and gets into an accident . The Car is towed to a tow yard and is there till the owner comes to get it . The lady who's car it was shows up 2 days later to get and is told the bill is $200.00 for the tow and storage for the night and a half ...Then this happens :

What the fuck happened to our society when people think this is a acceptable way to handle a situation they are not happy with ? Do you know how many times in a day I would like to throw someone off the roof of a high building or smash my car right through the person driving too slow in front of me , But I wont because I have commom sense and some respect for others around me .Apparently this fucking animal didnt get the memo that we are trying to live in a fucking society here and thinks she is King Kong let loose on NYC for a night .I dont like paying my bills either but im not going to go to UI and tip the front desk over when its time to pay .

Amazing !

Here we go ....

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7. Sneaking out of a skank's apartment the next morning without waking her up.

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The 13 Greatest Diner Fights of All Time - "In light of the recent viral videos of the latest Denny's fight and the video of the Fox News crew being attacked outside of an IHOP, we felt it was right to put together the greatest diner fights in the history of 24-hour American food joints opened in bad neighborhoods."

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