Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So we bought tickets a while back to Whalefest 2011 for my family and friends to see the 1st CT Outdoor hockey Winter classic which was held at UConn's Rentschler field . Here's what it looked like :

So it just so happens that the tickets we bought were also the coldest fucking day of the year so far . The day before was almost 60 degrees but we woke up saturday to 20 degree weather with 50mph winds ...It was brutal to say the least . So the gamwe before the game was the Whalers/Bruins Alumni - Celebrity game . They had the referee's mic'ed and it would have been alot of fun if it wasnt so bitter cold . The kids were miserable , My wife was miserable but there was one thing that made the day a little worth it . During the Celebrity game the had the Hanson Brothers there and they were going through their routine of fake punching everyone and spending time in the penalty box , You know like this :

So my wife doesnt know anything about Slapshot and after 5 minutes of watching these guys on the ice , turns to us and says " Jesus , these guys got old quick " . I explained to her they have been old for a while and are still just hanging on to this schtick . She goes on to tell me I am wrong .......get ready .......Because MmmmmmBop isnt that old and no way they can be older than her .

Thats right people , My dumbo wife thought the Hanson Brothers were Hanson the pop group out on the ice , Girls are stupid . I couldnt make this up .

So Enjoy Hansen because of my wife :

Here we go ......

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