Friday, February 4, 2011

WTF ??

Ok , Now this is going to be a bit of a debate after you watch this cause I know you wont really know what is going on here , if there is a back story to it ...or is it just creepy ?

Watch :

Teacher Touches Kid In Russia
This is like sex to a twelve year old…

Ok , See what I mean ? Did you notice that the kid didnt say anything and only made believe that he was disgusted by it ? And do you know why ......Because Deep inside he was probably like " Fuck Yah , I might be banging my teacher if I play this cool and not act like an ass !! "

I have no idea what this lady is thinking or if she even realizes what she is doing is like full on sex to a kid his age . I would have busted 2 nuts sitting there while my horned up teacher rubbed me openly in class . Sweet jesus lady , Wait till class is over at least !!

What do you think is going on ??

See Kevin, I told you it was screwed ...didnt I ?

Here we go ....

Their long municipal nightmare is over: Adult club manager says Dallas-Fort Worth has enough strippers to meet the Super Bowl demand!

Maine Weighing Whoopie Pie as the Official State Dessert , Personally, I believe that whoopie pie should be the national dessert.

Ok , I know this video is like 9 minutes long , But this might be the most AWESOME action filled 9 minutes in movie history . Ok it's a little dumb but you got to give the director some credit ...It's damn Entertaining !!

More semi-nude leaked photos of Rihanna , It's about time !

New York Yankees' Andy Pettitte to announce retirement . You probably know he was a good pitcher, but he was probably a lot better than you think. He's always been underappreciated.

Top 10 uncracked codes

Very Rare Old US Dollar Bills , Yah rare ...but still not worth anything .

Pictures: The mournful town of Cairo, Illinois

In the era of steamboats and river commerce, Cairo was one of the most prosperous places in America, and Mark Twain made it famous in literature as well. It's where Jim and Huck actually wanted to go, although they ended up sailing past. It is the very place where the East, the South, and the Midwest come together, right at the confluence of the Ohio and the mighty Mississip'. Although it's in Illinois, the closest neighbors are in Kentucky and Missouri, making it a strategic location for the Northern generals during the Civil War.

In an alternate universe, Cairo's strategic location might have made it as important as Pittsburgh or Chicago, but we do not live in that particular universe, so we just keep driving past Cairo on our way from Chicago to Memphis. The decline of river commerce and a legacy of racial violence led to the town's virtual disappearance.

It is essentially a ghost town, and a flood waiting to happen.

It's great when the contestants get into a fistfight on stage during the performance !!

let’s take a look at some of the hottest women on Super Bowl media day

An amazing collection of Volcano Lightning ..Great Stuff !

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