Monday, March 28, 2011

Back with the Update !!

Like I was telling you guys Friday , Me & my wife went with our friends to see " Rock Of Ages " and I have to tell you it was fantastic . It was funny and had the most awesome sound track EVER . 80's rock out the wazoo and it brought you back to a time where life was just a little bit more simple that it is today . We , of course , were drinking before the show which made the show that much better ...And it seems we might not be the most quiet or sane people when we get to cut loose from the kids for a night . Ask anyone who knows our crew and they will tell you the same .

So Here's the quick story , for those of you who are my facebook friend you already know :

So we drank on the train and drank on the way to the theater . We figured we would get there then go to a bar or restaurant in the vicinity so we arent late for the show . We decide to go to Carmines which is a pretty nice Italian Family Style restaurant . Of course we were drinking and having a great time but I guess we were a little louder than there normal clientele but it was cool . So dinner finishes and we head outside while waiting for the girls who are in the bathroom , I reach ionto my jacket pocket and in there is a folded up piece of paper , like a paper football . Now I was feeling pretty good and I think I would have remembered playing a ripshit game of table football . So I figure it was something on the inside , I open it up and it was a note that reads :

" Maybe you guys should think of switching to Water . Have a great rest of your night "

Hahahahaha ..WHAT !?? First off how the hell did that note get in my pocket , who put it there and how fucking loud and obnoxious were we where someone went out of thier way to sneak a note into my pocket without me noticing .

It all points to a sign of a great night .....WHICH IT WAS !!!

Here we go ......

If you picked the final four, you are a basketball genius.

"Procrastination day put off till tomorrow" . I should have posted this yesterday but, well, you know how it is.

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Monday Music Break ....

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