Friday, March 18, 2011

Can you say ..BLUE CHIPS ?

Happy Hangover day to all of you who went out ALL DAY yesterday . Maybe Hoot was too busy Riverdancing to do a column , one can only wonder ?

Yesterday was a great day for the NCAA Tourney ...with one blaring exception . It just goes to show you money makes these kids go . Here's the example :

In case you’re wondering the line in this one was Wofford +8.5. In other words if Jimmer doesn’t airball the game is over. And this my friends is why you play the game. The useless 3 pt dagger at the buzzer. I would have loved to be in Vegas for this one. Financial fortunes radically reversed. There is nothing else like it on earth. No drug gets you as high or as low as being on either side of that shot. It also proves why there needs to be a gambling network. I mean this was a modern day Miracle on Ice. It deserves a great call.

Here we go .......

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