Tuesday, March 22, 2011


If you dont know by now , I am a Union guy . I am shop steward at my job and thing everyone should join and support your local union who is fighting to put good people to work at fair wages .

Recently , Our brothers over at Dichello Distributors , who deal with Budweiser products , LOCKED OUT their drivers because the drivers would not accept their ridiculous contract offer . The company is crying broke and claims it cant come up with the 1 million dollars payment to fund the guys pension plan and healthcare . They also want to cut their guaranteed workday from 8 hours to 4 hours . The workers could not continue to work without a contract because after a certain time , it would be considered acceptance of terms and they would be screwed . They had to choice but to be locked out .

Now the company claims it doesnt have any money but it is privately partially funding the new Orange Train station at the sum of 71 million dollars ....71 Million ?!?! But they cant come up with 1 to take care of these guys who bust their humps lugging cases and kegs of beer up and down small hallways and hatchways . Many of these guys have back and knee problems due to the job , They work their asses off .

Give these hard working guys a chance by NOT BUYING ANY BUD PRODUCTS UNTIL THIS HAS BEEN RESOLVED . And let the stores and restaurants know the reason why you arent is because Dichello is treating their workers like shit .


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