Friday, March 11, 2011

Eye for an Eye !!!

Im sure most of you by now have heard of this scumbag child killer who is set to be released from prison and father of the boy he killed has VOWED to kill him in the most painful death imaginable if he can find him once he is out . This father has gone on to say he will use all his means and all his time trying to find and kill this piece of shit .....and I cant blame him .

Apparently back in the 80's this guy killed a 5 year old kid . The particulars were that not only did he kill him but he might have ate part of him and shelacked his bones which were found on this guys dresser , Just some brutal stuff .

This animal should be have dead years ago having gone through a more painful and horrible death than the innocent little boy whose life he took. A dog bites a child and gets put down without question - but a man lures a child into his home to do god knows what and it's a question as to whether the death penalty is a humane and just sentence? It's a shame that the father has to relive this pain and even toy with the idea of taking justice into his own hands. Why did we ever do away with the death penalty. It is cases like this where the victims father should of been allowed to flip the switch. What is wrong with this country where we are so lenient with these mass murderers. Killing alittle boy, in such a brutal way he should suffer just as the child suffered. Getting out after serving only 23 years, when the father has a life sentence after losing his child and having to live for the rest of his life knowing what happened to his little boy. With the financial shape our country is in...It would be better to allow the Victims Family to have their justice. Yet we continue to house and feed these pshycopathic killers. And as far as the rape goes we should castrate all convicted rapists so that they can not get out of Jail only to do the same thing.

I wish Mr. Foreman luck, and I hope that it brings him peace.

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