Friday, March 4, 2011


Rant week rolls on . Today you are going to get a double header because another reader has sent in a fine rant and afterwards I am going to add to his rant ....A two-fer for Friday !!

Here is CMS930's rant :

My problem is with the whole justice system in this SUCKS!!! It is probably the worse one in the world....people going free for killing someone on a "technicality"....come on!!

Even now with the trial for that second scumbag in the Cheshire home invasion and murder, I mean they were basically caught red handed, no doubts at all and yet there is all of this pre-trial bullshit, trial bullshit, and i'm sure there's going to be post-trial bullshit, appeals and what-not ?!?! Really ??? Is it all necessary ??? Does it have to be a "fair" trial ??? come on!!! BOTH those fuckers should have been put to death in a huge pay-per-view event that would have raised millions, and the money could have gone to something good, like putting more obviously guilty scumbags to death. Its just sad that we have to go thru all this crap to put someone in jail for committing a serious crime.

Thats all...the justice system in this country absolutely sucks.

Now My Rant to continue with his :

What kind of democracy and justice system do we have where we can tell people it is ok and lawful for them to be out there picketing soilders funerals with the most hateful signs imaginable ? HAVE WE AS A COUNTRY GONE MAD ???? I know it's the judge's job to be impartial but enough is enough and it's time to get back to whats right is right and using common sense and tell these Westboro Baptist people to cut the shit or be thrown in jail .

What a surprise that such a hateful decision was made by a court with a majority of repukes.

They say that " The Constitution doesnt protect people's feelings " and that is true but why would you want to add more pain and suffering to people who have already gone through so much? These soldiers just follow orders. They really should be picketing the government's decisions. It's funny that the reason they are allowed to even go out there and pickets the soldiers funerals is directly because of the soldiers actions ....Go figure that shit out .

Now there is a group called " The Patriot Guard Riders " and they shield the families from these stupid assholes and should be commended for their actions .

t sounds like maybe its time for 8 judges to resign from the court. I have never been a fan of Judge Alito before but I am now. Shame on all the rest of them. I hope someday a funeral for a member of their family is disrupted by these hateful people and their so called church. All our Supreme court has done is devalue the sacrifice of our military and their families at a time when support is sorely needed.

I think they should take another look at the first amendment. They are wrong! The right for people to peaceably assemble. If you look up peaceably in the Webster Dictionary you will see the definition states : disposed to pease, Not contentious or quarrelsome , Wait a minute NOT CONTENTIOUS!

Definition of CONTENTIOUS is : Likely to cause disagreement or argument ! Well if this is the case then the Supreme Court is not in compliance with the First amendment or U.S. Law.

Im suprised no one has popped one of these people yet , But it seems their rights are more important that the families these days ...GO FIGURE ??

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