Tuesday, March 1, 2011

RANT WEEK rolls on ....

Ok , Rant week rolls on and I told you if you sent me your rants I would post them and a reader has stepped up to the challenge and sent me theirs . I have a rant all prepared to go so do I post mine and theirs , Do I post just mine and save theirs or do I post theirs only .

Well since this person took the time to write one and send it to me , It's only fitting that they get all the glory of the front page today . So with any more babbling from me , Here is TMF37's rant for Rant Week :

You know what pisses me off? People who think they're ENTITLED to everything. I read an article in the Register on Sunday about a demonstration in New Haven that illegal immigrants should have the right to pay the same amount of money for a college education at public institutions as in-state residents. ARE YOU FRIGGIN' KIDDING ME?? Let's get a few things straight...first, these are people who are living here ILLEGALLY! I don't care if they were children when their parents came here. They are adults now, why can't they or won't they take the steps to become legal US citizens? Might have something to do with not having to pay taxes like LEGAL citizens. Second, a college education is NOT A RIGHT in this country! Education through high school is a right, BUT NOT COLLEGE, GET IT?? Apparently not, at least not in the socialist state of New Haven. We have many people in this state who ARE US CITIZENS who can't afford to go to college. Do you see them screaming about somehow someway being discriminated against?? Don't think so.
Here's the bottom line...if you want to be treated like a US citizen with all the rights and privileges of a US citizen, then BECOME A US CITIZEN, DAMN IT!!!

Great Job TMF , It's exactly what Rant Week is all about .

Here we go .....

100 photos of the coveted boob stare

Face breakups apps are getting pretty popular these days. Who knew this would catch on ..I did !

They are now letting hammered people on the news ..AWESOME !!

Jane Russell Dies at 89
. All kidding aside, I had no idea she was still alive.

Lindsay Lohan teams up with James Franco for sex book - The Mean Girls star, 24, has signed an estimated £2.1million deal to front an explicit photographic book which will contain 'full frontal nudity' and 'graphic' shots.

The good news: A Small Nuclear War Would Stall Global Warming

The last U.S. World War I veteran has died, age 110

Google Street View Zombie Apocalypse
- Plug in your address and see how long you would survive the impending zombie apocalypse in your very own town. Apparently I am not as prepared for such an uprising as I have always led myself to believe.

Jesus Is A Jerk, The Website
- All you have to do to receive God is invite Jesus into your heart and he will enter. The problem is that he will never leave.

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