Friday, March 25, 2011

Rock of Ages

Im heading to NYC tonight , one of my least favorite places to go , To see "Rock Of Ages " . It's a broadway show about 80's rock , I'll give you a full report on Monday .

Here's a preview :

Here we go .....

I think I speak for just about every American when I say "God bless the Arizona Wildcats." (Possibly excepting Duke alums, Duke students, and those who picked Duke in their brackets.)

Men AND women might both be from Mars

"A device being developed by MIT researchers and could fly on a future spaceship to Mars might settle the potentially explosive theory that all life on Earth is descended from organisms that originated on the red planet."

Taiwanimation: FOX, CNN go to war in Libya - against each other.

Here's Paris Hilton's racist, homophobic rant which has made the news lately because of Neil Strauss's book

This leprechaun gets a wee bit out of hand

Yet More Evidence That Social Networking Is A Good Thing , Especially for perverts like us.

Old Sparky: The Complete History Of The Electric Chair....Shocking.

The Five Strangest Novelty Martinis - For you uppity alcoholics who want to actually have some flavor as opposed to just shooting your alcohol straight from the bottle.

Music Break ....

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