Sunday, March 6, 2011


Joey has asked me to post this song at this point in the tale when I talked with him last week. Tommy Hewitt liked Depeche Mode you see.

Joey continued on from where he left off.

This is what he said.

“All these kids are coming from the bonfire, the wine cellar, and from the front of the house, and Muy and a couple of his boys were in that last crowd. They looking for that Fat Jerry, but he’s inside, in the bathroom off the hall, and he’s squeezing those little red zits which now look like huge bee stings, and instead of pus, he’s squeezing out lead pellets.

“Sounded like this: ‘Uurrrrgh---TING tingtingting... RRRAAAAhhhhhh---Ting tingtingting….’ Like that. I know, gross bastard. He went and taped up those holes with little white Xs of some first aid tape from the medicine cabinet behind the mirror. Shit’s gross, so I left him alone and went back outside on the deck.

“Weeee-ill, you gotta check this shit out. That fucker, Shotgun Boy, the one Fat Jerry called Martin, he was pinned down on the deck, he had all these kids bending over him, trying to help him out, and they don’t know what the fuck happened or who did what, but he’s squirming, trying to get up. That ain’t all, man. Dude’s delirious or someshit. He keeps saying, ‘Where did he go? He must be stopped. Send him back to hell! BACK TO HELL!’ And that kind of crazy talk.

“So I see that dude Muy, and he’s got one arm draped across his chest, and I can tell he’s hurt, must have broken ribs from that dining room table and whatever else Fat Jerry did to him after he went through the sliding glass door, but in his other hand he’s holding a pistol, hanging low. Not good, ya think?

“I went back inside to find Nolei, and she’s in the living room with Tommy Hewitt. I say to her, I say, ‘Hey Nolei, let’s get the fuck out of here, pronto. You coming Tommy?’

“Tommy just shakes his head, man, points his thumb over his shoulder to the hallway, where the busted out door to the wine cellar is. Then he laughs and walks away to it. I tell Nolei, ‘There goes a man after my own heart, he knows what he wants, and he’s willing to die for it.’

“Honest to Gawd, man. I said that to Nolei. I didn’t know it would turn out to be true. Outside the front door, we see the punk band loading up all they shit, ‘cuz they saw what happened, they know what’s going on, and they getting the fuck out of there. Some other kids are already driving away, and I’m thinking, ‘This is not a bad idea. Fuck Tellesco’s Ranch. Not my house.’

“So we took off. I got the windows up, but we could hear a bunch of guns unloading, and then, in the rear view mirror, there’s this huge fireball. The whole area looked like it was daytime for a few seconds. Then we heard the thunder, the explosion, a moment after. It was loud, and it kept echoing. This was when the rain started to come down.

“I feel bad for those kids that got hurt, that got burned, and for leaving them. But fuck that shit, man. Not my problem. I just feel really bad for what happened to Tommy Hewitt. He was my first bud at school. But there ain’t no way to change that guy’s mind when he locks onto someshit. He’s like a friggin Florida Bobcat. Nothing gets in his way.”


Joey got away, he survived, but some did not. Martin was pinned to the deck and nobody had wanted to move him and make his wound worse. He ended up Shish Kebab.

Some kids got burns, some lost their hair, and the pool was cloudy with charred clothing and skin, and ash from the fallout of the burning house.

The rain came down hard, and the arroyos filled up, where some kids were fleeing the gunfire and explosions. Some of these young folks who got overtaken by this huge amount of water that had no where else to go were swept away, and two of them were later found partially buried in desert mud, drowned in the desert. The rest of them were able to grab onto fig trees and climb up.

The only one who got shot was Fat Jerry, as Joey had christened him, and that was by Martin, the human torch. Nobody knew what the hell he was talking about, at least at that point. It would matter later, what he said. You will see.

The rain did not put out the house fire. All that old iron wood, once it gets going, is like burning coal. Water just makes steam. But you can get steam burns, and some did.

The house caved in on top of Tommy Hewitt, who was alone in his wine tomb, hiding out from the gunfight. Fat Jerry, you see, had Martin’s shotgun. Evidently, the LPG tank had been blown open by a shotgun slug. The escaping gas had met with the bonfire, and the back yard and the house were no match.

Tommy’s last words according to Joey were, “Free Wine On Me.”

Indeed. The rows of wine had fallen over on top of him when the roof came down on the floor, which then came down into the wine cellar, all burning up with furious heat.

No one knows if he died from that, but his bones were found surrounded by multitudinous melted bottles. I would prefer to think that he had drunk from each one of them, and passed on with a belly full of that hidden treasure. Maybe he had drunk himself to death.

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

At that point in the tale, I was out of sorts. I had just found out about Lorelei’s Night Flight, from this new 24 hour Cable Unlimited News station on the television overhead.

Minacca and Ant Knee tried to help me.

“Will, it might not be her. How do they know who was on that plane?”

“Dude, she’s probably still in LaGuardia or something, glad she wasn’t on that jet. I mean, what a way to go, huh? Oops. Sorry. But really…”

I needed to be by myself. I pushed away from the round table in the cafeteria and walked away. Minacca came running up to me, but I pushed her away.

I wanted to go back home.

Back Home.

I wanted to go back to Maine.



Space Shuttle Endeavor is next for its final flight. Man….

We will be left with this soon.

Here are 14 interesting facts about the coolest planet in our own solar system.

If planets are results of intelligent design, then we humans are capable of intelligent design as well, and it is also beautiful. Look here.

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Or, watch an Israeli chick get bit on her silly cones by a poisonous snake.

Maybe tiny boobs are better after all? NSFW

OK, back to beauty. Polar Pics.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out

OK, one more for ya.

Conan’s dialogue via video infographic. OK, this should be the last one anyone does, ‘cuz they’re getting old. But this is ok.

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