Saturday, March 5, 2011


You know what bugs me? I'll tell ya.

I hate it when folks think you have the answer to their problems and their broken shit. So what if you know how to fix shit or figure out how to do it. Your time off from work is your leisure time. How fucking cheap to ask you for your help and then get mad when you say that you don't have the time, desire, or expert knowledge to fix their shit for them?

I'm not your gawd damned repair man. Listen to me. Pay for the time of an expert to come and do what he knows best. That's what he's there for.

Especially, don't wait until those guys are all closed up on a Friday night for the weekend and then call me up and offer me a rack of beer to head on over and get heating oil/ brake line/ amniotic fluid all over my hands to fix your shit.

You can freeze your ass off; I got mine, ya cheap bastard.

How much is your time-off worth? It's worth as much as my time at work, plus off-hours surcharge. Then add in a "I'm Drinking And Playing Cards With My Buds Payable Tax."

Fuck you.

I ask you, TDCer, do you hate someone asking you to do shit for them because they are lazy/stoopid/cheap?

Here are your links, you TDCers who don't try to pull this shit on your own buds.



Explore this site.

Freshman year in college.

Here’s a viral viral site. Explore. Start you off with Birthday cake candle chick hair ignition.

Ranting makes me want to have a ciggy.

Parkour in 1930. This is foreshadowing for the song at the end of this post, which features awesome Parkour ability, something I wish I could do. Perhaps I will.

For those of you who like astronomy, our USA's tiny but mighty spacecraft Cassini is viewing the coolest planet in our own solar system: Saturn. Here is a page for Cassini, showing a pic of two of Saturn’s moons (Dione and Rhea) that appear to be merging into one…. But it’s a real optical illusion. Nice.

Here's a large picture of our planet sizes, in comparison. Now, don't even click on this pic if you do not have good bandwidth or at least a gig of ram. Your computer might just hang for a while, and this will suck for fifteen minutes.

If you are good, right click on it, and then click on the pic to get your mind blown, and it will make you feel very, very small. But, shit damn. Saturn is not shown with its rings. Oh well.

Speaking of sexy moons, NSFW

From here:

One of my favorite musical geniuses, Trent Reznor will be scoring and acting in a vampire movie. Won’t be like Twilight, ya think? Nope. Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. OK, that sounds kinda off, but what the hell, it’s fucking Trent Reznor bitches.

Richie posted yesterday: Women's rights activists in Kiev staged a topless protest against a radio station's competition to 'win' a Ukrainian wife.

Here are the pics, the best of. Enjoy NSFW.

Song for ya. It's not my time to fix your shit for you.

Here's Parkour, in a shitty vid from the excellent James Bond movie: Casino Royale. It's fucking loud as well, so turn down your headphones.

Brought it back full circle for ya. Yes, I'm a fucking nerd.

Here are some tits for ya.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out

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