Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Uniforms in Schools ?

My kids go to a Catholic school so this is a non issue for me but In my hometown there is a raging debate going on because the city would like to impliment the school uniform for all public school kids .....And there is mixed feelings on it .

All schools parents were polled with a one question poll as to whether they would be for it or against it and 70% said they were for it . Of course the ones who are against are crying foul and kicking their feet like little babies but the masses have spoken ....And they want uniforms !!

Here's my opinion on this subject :

The time has come for a uniform code. Children should know that when they put on the uniform it is about learning. Our nation is falling behind the rest of the world in education. School is about studies not fashion.It's a great idea to teach the children structure. A life skill they will need.They can wear what they want after school, on weekends, during all the vacations during school year and all summer long .

People who dont like it are claiming they might not be able to afford it ...Seriously?? cant afford uniforms? Have you seen what these kids wear to school? free breakfast, free lunch and they come in with North Face jackets, 100 dollar sneakers and expensive jeans, jewelry, bookbags. Get real , If money can be spent on that stuff, they can afford money to but 10 dollar khaki pants at Walmart. One North Face jacket can put a uniform on two kids for a year , so dont give me the baloney about not affording it.

Uniforms breed conforminty and put all the kids regardless of social staus on an even playing field .....It's a good idea .

Here we go .......


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