Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Im not gonna go into the Tsunami stuff but I'll say this , Here are the two most impressive videos from the Japanese earthquake/tsunami from this weekend, but more importantly I hope these clips prepare you for next years reckoning. It’s goin down, folks. Katrina. Myanmar. Haiti. Japan. While it may only seem that there have been more natural disasters of late, the truth is that from 2000 to 2010 the earth actually experienced 15X MORE deaths from disasters. This all feels like God’s meaningless warm-up before the big dance. The Big Guy just shooting jumpers in an empty gym gettin loose. I mean…146,000 people died from that cyclone in Myanmar. That’s 53x worse than 9/11. And we’re seriously still worrying about suicide bombers? Osama Bin Nature killin errbody next year.

Here we go .....

Lost city of Atlantis, swamped by tsunami, may be found

Most fucked up place on earth this week: The New York Clown Convention. Has nothing to do with the clowns.

Gilbert Gottfried attempts to make funnys about the tsunami on twitter. Somewhere the humor is lost when you don’t hear his fucked up voice. Gets fired by Aflac. Status of the duck is uncertain.

15 hilarious newspaper/magazine mistakes and apologies/corrections

For your office pools : NCAA Basketball Men's Printable Brackets

The biggest surprise to me? Alabama State in a play-in game. There are 345 Division 1 teams, and they had the 6th-easiest schedule, per Sagarin. Despite that, they could not assemble a winning record, and they were blown out by several teams you never heard of. They are almost certainly the worst team ever to be invited to the tournament in modern history.

Top 14 Examples of Drunk People Interrupting the News

The up-to-date poisoning scorecard: snakes three billion; humans one. Snake bites model Orit Fox's breast, reportedly dies of silicone poisoning, Here's the VIDEO :

Purported Vanessa Hudgens (Censored) Nekkid Eagle Photos Leaked Along With Alexa Nikolas Making Out With Young Hollywood... What a Day!

Kids Who Hate Snowsuits . God, parents are such bastards.

An Honest Look at Your Twitter Page - "I just spent entirely too much time crafting a sentence that will mostly be ignored."

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