Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Can I just say I dont care how played out he is , I Love Charlie Sheen !!

Hollywood is bad enough these days but now they want to cancel Two & a Half men because of him but this show is one of the only show who still has good writers and stuff left . Now I love Reality shows but you cant watch only reality shows cause you'll go nuts , You need a show with actors that act .Do you think you'll be happy watching a bunch of middle aged housewives throwing wine on each other ?? The only reason people watch some of these reality shows is to feel better about their own lives.

And forget about American Idol , Charlie Sheen is the American Idol !!! He apitimizes America because he is successful , unapologetic and arrogant . They should wrap Charlie in the American Flag and march him up and down Hollywood Boulevard on Oscar night !!

They want to punish charlie for acting unprofessionally in his private life but every reality star does the exact same thing without anyone saying anything and they parade some of these dopes like they are heros .

Hey Charlie , You dont need Hollywood , Hollywood needs you !!


Here we go ......

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