Monday, April 4, 2011

Drunk Driving is Ok now ??

Wow , Willies got a little raunchy this weekend with his stories . Scroll down and check them out of you missed them because they are quite the read .

So I hear Charlie Sheen's 1st road show is a total bust where people were walking out demanding their money back bad , But I think we may have found the next Charlie Sheen ....Listen to Representative Hale trying to defend drunk driving :

First of all, how could you not side with a man who looks like he owns a 19th century saloon? No way you don’t trust the guy in the old west necktie on this issue. Obviously dude has been slangin sarsaparilla long enough to know that drunk driving is apart of American culture. My father did it, your fathers did it — let’s all stop bullshitting here. And in Montana, what really could go wrong with a few thousand drunk drivers? A couple horses get hit? Maybe a kid or two? Listen those kids weren’t going to become anything anyway. They live in Montana. The best those little bastards could hope for was to be a farmer working for the government. You know who else works for the government? COMMUNISTS. They’d become just another mindless government mule churning out high fructose corn syrup to make this great land of ours even fatter. Which is why I’ll ride with Rep. Alan Hale all day on this issue. You know, except after he’s been drinking.

Here we go .....

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