Monday, April 18, 2011


Hello all , It's good to come home again after an absolutley unbelievable cruise experience . If you ever are thinking of planning a cruise make sure to do it on the Oasis of the Seas by Royal Caribbean . It was truly a magical and amazing piece of modern art from start to finish and I highly highly recommend it to anyone .

There were just too many great things to mention but one thing that was very cool was Orient Beach on St Maarten , which if you don't know , is partly a nude beach . Which means you don't have to be nude to be n it but if the mood shall strike you then you can have at it . There were TONS of topless women walking by all day long which was very nice . My 8 year old son wasn't ready for it when we first got there , He literally stopped in his sandals and mouthed " OMG " then looked back at me just smiling . He got used to it but I kept noticing he had an eye on the beach the whole time we were in the water . I have pictures but wont post them here for obvious reasons .

Great Trip and would do it again in a heartbeat . Thanks for Hoot & Willies filling in for me in my absence , without you guys this site aint shit !!

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