Friday, April 22, 2011


The Pussification continues , Here's the latest reason this country is going in the toilet :

1. New York is banning games like Wiffle Ball along with red rover, dodgeball, kickball, tag (of all forms, even the ever-popular freeze tag), capture the flag, tetherball and so many more. Because they are deemed to dangerous to play in Summer Camps this year ??

I can remember going out in the woods behind my house for hours at a clip with my buddies while gathering scrap pieces of wood all day long and stealing nails from my buddys father and building ourselves a tree fort which was about 25' of the ground and no one blinked at eye at it because we were keeping busy and having fun . I used to drink from the faucet , play in the dirt all day , ride my bike across town because that was the way kids played back then but today's kids don't even get that opportunity without stupid overprotective adults jumping in and ruining the kids fun . Let the Kids be kids , It worked for us and will work for them . If we don't we will hae a nation of pansies in the next 30 years .

2 . Now these religious nuts are taking aim at a new holiday ....Easter . Now certain places arent allowed to call the eggs easter eggs , they are now being referred to as Spring Spheres !??!?! Are you absolutely shitting me ??

People are so afraid of offending other people so they are taking the word "Easter" out. It would seem to me that if you didn't celebrate Easter you would either basically ignore everything that IS Easter, , you might let your children take part in the Easter rituals that had more of a "flare", such as bunnies, lilies, and yes, eggs. One who does not celebrate Easter may want to skip "the Jesus died and then he came back" stuff. Frankly, my eight-year-old doesn't even want to know from Jesus and he is being raised Catholic and going to Catholic School ....he just wants the candy .

This Easter, am I going to take my child on a Spring Sphere Hunt? That sounds... dangerous.No, it’s politically correct to call them Easter eggs because that is fuckin what they are. Some people have just lost it.


Here we go ......

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My Colt 45 drinking days in college led to many massive blackouts and bedding of fat chicks. My second experiment with Four Loko led to one epic blackout and possible alcohol poisoning, so I think I'll leave this "Colt 4Loko" to you kids.

Nerds Ruin Everything, The Website - "There exists nothing in this world that is too pure, too beautiful, too perfect that it won't be ruined the moment nerds get their hands on it." (For the record, I don't necessarily agree with all of this, but if we can't learn from our history, we're doomed to repeat it. Or something.)

Chris Robinson , formerly of The Black Crowes , Has a new band and it's damn good , check it out :

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