Saturday, April 30, 2011

TDC WEAW G o o d B y e


There are certain things which must remain hidden from the light of day and discovered anew, when the day grows dark, after angels fall to Earth…

Bryan greeted us with proper hand shakes all around. He would not be able to talk without pain for a while due to his busted up jaw being wired shut, but you know, eyes will speak more clearly than the tongue has hope for eloquence.

Katheena did not bring Ivan. Joey did not bring Nolei. Sean did not bring Minacca. And me? I would have brought Lorelei. It was all her fault, everything.

And nothing.

There was nothing left.

“Bryan, you be good in there. Don’t go fucking up the place. No tearing off arms and beating them with the wet ends.” Sean laughed and coughed.

Bryan nodded and his eyes crinkled. He pointed at Sean’s chest.

Sean understood. “I know, serves me right for fucking you up Figging.”

Joey had no laughs in him. “Big Man, be cool. You know we gonna be coming to see you every chance we get. Load you up with funds for chocolate bars and condoms.”

Bryan swung at Joey’s arm and connected. Joey winced, and managed a smile. “I know you won’t let anyone get too friendly with you in there.”

Katheena grabbed him and hugged him. “I’ll make sure you get well fed and have everything you need.”

Bryan snuckled a gurgly chuckle through his nose and Sean and I laughed at her.

Katheena rolled her eyes. “You fuckers. You know what I mean.”

I held my hand up and Bryan grabbed it. I didn’t have any words. Fucker took the fall for us all. Bastard. Get off the cross, we need the wood.

Big Bryan was led off and we stood there, watching him go.

Hell, it was only for a few months. Everything would be all right.

Of course it would.


In a couple days, Joey, Katheena and I walked with Ivan and Nolei and their exchanged families to their boarding gate.

This was before security check points were invented, mind you.

Folks could walk right up to the gate back then, before the world got crazy. Well, of course, it was already crazy. It always had been that way.

But our young nation was like a baby back then. Innocent of the fact that one day, our open door policy of welcoming the downtrodden and oppressed from other parts of the world into our home, under the light from the torch held high by that lovely New York harbor chick, would come back to bite us in the ass.

Fuck those bastards to Hell who did this.


Of course, Joey and Katheena had already made their private, intimate goodbyes to their German friends, but it did not make anything easier for them.

I had never seen Joey look so distraught, like the fraught face of a young man looking back up at his own face in a small mirror that had lines of white across it.

Watching how Katheena was with Ivan, I could not help but feel anger at Ivan. And still, jealousy.

Knowing what I had learned about her from Tommy Hewitt did not make anything easier. I mean, I understood her fickleness now, but emotions do not follow logic.


I turned on my heel and left all of them.

Fucking Ivan had stolen Katheena from me and dumped Lorelei for her in one deft motion.

I had neither now.

I blamed him for Lorelei’s sadness and her actions, and our own actions, and everything that followed because of it all.


…I would never wish that anyone would fall to the bottom of the sea, never to be seen again.

Unless it is those assholes who blew out the torch of welcome and openness.

Fuck them.


I called in to work. For some reason, it didn’t seem right to enjoy the music of a young lovely lady on this day.

It was a taste that was becoming stale to me.

Of course, you know that tomorrow would be another day. And I would continue on in my own debauchery, which was a form of escape.

I was going to escape CaliFuckno for good. And while I bade my time and fine-tuned my little car, and saved up enough cash to take my little sisters back home,


…I would partake of some of that good old fashioned Mental Escape while I was there.

I would practice on the violin.

This practice would soon lead to me blowing the engine of my little Celica, in a race with a tig bittied chick who also worked at Fucky Chucky’s. She had a boyfriend with a motorcycle, if you recall.


Now, tomorrow we have a special treat for you. TDC Forum resident "smcasey" has proposed in our forums that we need to interview interesting people, of which we have quite a few in our clan at the mighty TDC.

Her first one, tomorrow, is to test the waters. Will you step up and answer her questions?

Maybe you will. We will see.

I have this sort of theme song in mind for her show.

Fuck the lies of the beautiful trash out there. Let's see some real real real.

Crank it up.

Now for your links...

Way back when I slept on my dirty clothes for a bed in Fuckno, (each day’s clothing would make for a plusher bed on the tile upon cement floor, until wash day when it got hard and cold again…) I listened to a certain radio show each night on NPR. It was a show that had been broadcast a couple years earlier in Britland. It was about Arthur Dent.

Well now, those radio voice actors will be going on tour. Amen.

Speaking of space and probability drives, let’s consider this:

We have the Large Hadron Collider peering into other universes and bringing matter back from those into our own, and soon we will have the final laser beam to finish constructing of four that together will blast the amount of energy our whole planet produces, which will rip apart the fabric of space and time so we explore deeper, next year.

What may happen? Our tiny planet could become a nebula, a place where new stars are born. Very cool. Here are some pretty pics of nebulae.

Career opportunities for this year’s college grads. Well, soon it won’t mater, huh

How to spend a paltry $26,666 a month. Madison Moore wrote this on Splicetoday.


Saturday funnies for ya. Nice lit ref on this one.

Trinity Orchestra plays with Daft Punk. Huh.

Life like Robots. Ya know.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, one more for ya.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your new fucking president?


You may have your insane young devil who causes carnage, but there would always be Lorelei for a young punk in Fuckno, Califorgetmenot.

You see, according to German folklore, a beautiful young chick was chust so sad over her cheating boyfriend that she threw herself to the bottom of the river Rhine and drowned herself. Her ghost lured others to their own doom as well.

The Pogues. Lorelei.

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