Friday, April 15, 2011

Tucky's Friday Shenanigans

The following was put together by TDC Forum resident Kentucky, and he is a genuine, Boner-fide Red Neck. He's also a true southern gentleman, until you do something stupid and piss him off. Tucky stepped up when he learned that Richie Fowler, owner of this site, was down in the Caribbeans for the week and we could use some help with the daily postings. Thank you Tucky, take it away.


Well hey there, ya doldurned pickle kisser! Warkin all week makes a man build up a mighty thirst, and that's I'll be linkin to today, ya fancy-pantsed Francy Burka shakin mother makin loosey fruit hot and tot!

Well gosh-durn Y’all, it’s Friday and time get the weekend started!

So light up, and sip away at yer beverage of choice

I’ve got mine a brewin (as you can see above)!

For all you alky’s that want to know.

To go with that, here's a recipe for good corn.

For Jambo!!!!! a recipe for Absinthe:

A little NSFW?

How about another(nsfw):

Now this is what I call a bike!

If Y’all haven’t tried it, you should do some white water raftin! I did it on the Kennebunk up in Maine and it was a blast

I gotta go down to Delaware one of these days to see this stuff first hand!

How to beat the crap out of a perfectly good truck!

Now this is just plain shocking!

Hope Y’all enjoyed!

‘Tucky is down and by the side

Welcome to The NEW Daily Column!!