Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday Tsunami of Terror

Now, today is the 50th anniversary of space flight, and you TDCers know that this sort of thing gives me a rocket in my spacesuit.

Sadly, here's something else instead. Discussion.


I got something for ya. Yesterday, France (of all places) declared war.

On head wear. Yup. Head wear. Head War? I'm against that. Head is good.

What’s next, baseball caps? How about a pair of shades? What the hell?

Now, I get it that France is all protective of their style, their wines (it’s sparkling wine if it’s not from the Champagne region) and their language. They view their language as their identity, as much as other nations view their religion, or their national flag, or their beer as their own trademark.

But a scarf?

To outlaw the wearing of a scarf on the face of some chick who may be kinda hot to look at may be a good idea. I say, outlaw tops on hot chicks too. Sorry, shirts are illegal, bras too…

But if you are ugly, then you should wear a scarf. Or a paper bag. Now there’s a law they should have made.

Your choice. But now, in Francey pants, you don’t have a choice. No Burka durka for you. Herp a derp.

Let the ugly fly.

Someone ate too much cheese when they came up with this one over there. Wow.

French folks are fashionistas. Who cares about religion anyway?


The French may need to stock up on these bed side gun racks.

Cool Star Trek art installation at Microsoft’s offices in Redmond, Washington. I’ll take one.

Cool pics.

From here.

While France worries about scarves, here’s the real deal. The scariest video of the Japan Tsunami so far. Many, many more of these will be coming to youtube. Dude was videotaping, and you can tell he had his cam hanging from his neck when he let go of it to help. Not an asshole who just keeps filming awfulness. He went to help, and almost got lost as well as the others who died below.

Halyaga and Haiaga. The first word is repeated by the wife of the guy filming, and she is running to the hill for his help. The second word is her husband calling to her to get her up on the hill.

Panic and great fear from the tsunami surge will stop anyone in their tracks.

But he overcame it and he tried to help her at the last moment.

He did not get there in time.



Cool bugs. OK, slightly horrendous. 13 of them for your perusal.


For you pen chewers. Edible pens.

Building an Empire Strikes Back empire. Starts off with the Director, Irvin Kershner. The first one, Episode IV, blew us away because it was landmark. Nothing had been seen like it before. But The Empire Strikes Back will always be the best one.

Irvin Kershner is the go-to guy you want when you want to do something huge. A no-bullshit dude with skillz. This was put together by Jambe Davdar, thank you mistah man.

Then we listen other folks who rock in their own way.

More for you game nerds out there.

The latest of the Awkward Zombie cartoon series. Hehehe.

You will see some cool pics on this sight, and some nsfw shit too, if that is what you are after.

As Richie Fowler does, here’s your Tuesday Music Break. What will France outlaw next? Shoes?

God Help Japan.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK. One more for ya. Antidote to the Eagles.

When you read this, I'll be heading up to the mountains for samples in one of my jobs as air quality scientist for my tribe. Want me to pichttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifk up some coffee for you along the way?

Up there, I'll be out of the reach of tsunamis.

Stevie Ray Vaughn, from 1983. Texas Flood. Amen, young man.

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