Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You Should Be Thankful To Have A Job

The following was submitted for The Daily Column front page by TDC Forum resident smcasey when she learned that the Bossman was cooling his jets in the Caribbeans this week and that Hoot and I could use some help.

I think she rocks quite well. Don't you?

Thank you, smcasey, you firecracker you. Take it away.



I'm really tired of that statement, or the many variations of it...

Lucky to have a job, etc.

Over the past few years so many people have said that to me. To all of you who have:

Fuck You.

Lucky would've been being laid off and going to work for the competition. Wait, we were the competition, and you bought us.

Those of you who read the forums know that I did indeed find another opportunity, and then I quit my job, only to let them bribe me to stay.

My bad.

The grass isn't always greener, and it probably wouldn't have been much better, but at least it would've been a different dynamic.


Now that it's been several months, I still hate my job.

I like the actual work, just nothing else.

What I'm saying is that anyone who isn't inherently rich isn't really Lucky for anything these days.

We are fucking stuck, damned if we don’t remain being stuck. It would be a travesty to hear that anyone actually loved everything about their job.

Why is it that when I get home from work, I feel like I've been run over by a train, but yet I'm supposed to be “Lucky” to feel this way, just because someone tosses a few bucks at me?

I'd much rather not feel like this.

Don't call me Lucky.

Don't say that I should be Thankful.

I'm neither.

Right now, I resent you, Mr(s) unemployed; there are programs out there for you.

Not for me.

Where is the I Hate My Job, Pity Me And Find A New One office?

Wait, there isn't one.

The recession still sucks for all of us, working people included, so I don't think anyone is “Lucky.” If you didn't lose your job, you are now doing more work for the same or even less money.

So please,

Stop telling me how I should feel about my employment.

Fuck You for saying it.


Office of Recession Blues.

Recession Blues is STILL going on.

B.B. King. Recession Blues.

Here’s an interesting read about being employed and not happy with the working place.

Here is another read, quite good.

You see, it goes back a long way. What is our country doing to us?

OK, here’s some mental vacation.

Tacos covered with a sauce made from Doritos Nacho Chips. At Taco Bell.

“It’s like I walked into heaven. Tacos made from Nachos.”

But here is an example of how work can make you blue. Click on it to make it big enough to read.

Anyway, how lucky are you to score on a first date? Your music taste may describe this.


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Two more, a choice of employment for you:

1. Cool version of that B.B. King song above by some unemployed musicians. Be Thankful for work.

2. Or this.

Your choice.

Fuck You.

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