Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Get it right !!!

Ok , Just so I understand it correctly I am going to say it out loud again .

This week a good friend of mine who was New Haven police officer who died from results of being shot on the job was honored on the National Law Enforcement Memorial Friday night. Along with him were all the heros from law enforcement who gave up their lives protecting ours . It is a fantastic honor for the families of these people and brings some closure to them .

Well apparently , Our Commander in Chief , Mr Obama was just too busy to attend this very honorable memorial and declined his invitation to come and speak at this ....BUT .....He had the time to pull the stupid UCONN basketball team into the white house and have a press conference congratulating them ???

Where the FUCK are out priorities in this country when this sort of things happen ?? We are living in crazy town !!

Here we go ....

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