Friday, May 27, 2011


This might be the best show in history because it now calls out internet bloggers who hide behind their keyboards and are afraid to confrot anyone ...unlike yours truly .

Here's a sample :


Here we go ....

The 7 Most Terrifying Huge Things In The History Of Nature. Wilt Chamberlain’s dick just barely missed the cut.

Hey women, this is why guys get all paranoid when you decide you want to cut your hair short

Dad takes away daughter’s cell phone, daughter shoots Dad with a bow and arrow. Classic Daddy/daughter love in rural America.

Unabomber's personal possessions set for creepy online auction

The 10 Greatest Poop Moments in Gaming

Can Caffeine-Laced Pants Help You Lose Weight?

Big Brother Brazil Is So Much Better Than Ours Ever Was

Worst new research o' the day: Scientists report that dogs slobber all over the place when drinking water

iowahawk: So You Have a College Diploma

Evan Rachel Wood Gothic Topless
Photos Courtesy of Marilyn Manson

DAMN, NATURE, WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM!? Nine Shocking Before & After Pictures Of Joplin, Missouri

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