Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Here we go .....AGAIN

First things First , Happy birthday to the founder of The Daily Column ....Mr Peter Sachs !!

Now onto the shit ....

You knew it was coming !! You knew some of the assholes in this god damn country couldnt leave it alone !!

I was listening to this asshole Alex Jones who loves to stir up shot says that Osama isnt dead and it's all a ploy to get Obama re-elected because there was no body . He is saying they killed him long ago , FROZE his body and rolled him out now ..WHAT ????? None of the Bullshit that comes spewing out of this guys mouth has happened what is the New World Order waiting for? The Illuminati and New World Order have supposedly been planning to kill everyone on the planet since i was conceived.. People who spew this bullshit do it to make money off gullible people. Alex Jones would already have died in some car accident not get rich and make millions, raise a family, buy stocks, and travel the world you guys are so stupid. He gets richer and richer.

We've been far past the point of Osama. A lot of people in Washington said he was dead and a lot of other said he was still alive. The main point is people just didn't know. I'll bet if you would have asked the average American before Osama died weather he was dead or not most would have said hes probably dead. The government never needed a boogeyman. Terrorism hasn't been on the minds of Americans for the last five years the economy has.

And I do agree with the fact that says Obama will benefit from this but I heard a perfect analogy the other day about this , They said it was like Jon Gruden taking the glory for winning the Superbowl with the Tampa Bay Bucs but Tony Dungy built the whole team he won with .....Go Figure !

Here we go ....

Osama Bin Laden's neighbor live-Tweets raid - So what was Osama like as a neighbor? Did he borrow your power tools without returning them? Did he keep his grass cut and declare jihad on weeds? Was he nice to the neighborhood kids? Did he give good tips to the Domino's dude?

Ridiculous celebrity purchases , Even though I would do the EXACT same thing in all cases !

Francisco Liriano tosses a no-no - He was a great pitcher in 2006, but missed the entire 2007 season and has never gotten back to where he was. Maybe he's on his way.

Why West Virginia is not like where you live: "Man high on bath salts kills neighbor's goat"

Subspenders - garters for saggy pants : Subs are an innovative, new, urban fashion accessory specifically designed for people who wear baggy and oversized pants well below the waistline."

White House to Release Osama Bin Laden Death Photo(s)

Miley Cyrus vs. Elaine Benes, a dance-off

Lindsay Lohan is still Lindsay Lohan - Community Service in a see-through top

Mummified body of former Playboy playmate Yvette Vickers found in her Benedict Canyon home . "Its mummified state suggests she could have been dead for close to a year." She was 81 or 82 when she died, depending on exactly when that was.3

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