Monday, May 2, 2011



I am happy this fuck was finally found , Be it little late but it's done and now we can get some closure on a dark part of our history . I got to give it to Obama because He has done what Bush couldnt. Job well done Mr. President. I consider myself independent, but leaning right. However, id like to see how extreme right will respond to this. Hannity should must listen radio today . I wonder if he was like "Man, this isn't going to end well" before he died. I'd gladly defecate on his body, in and around his mouth region.

And if I hear one god damn american saying shit like " Why are we celebrating a death " , I will strangle them with the american flag on the porch myself !

I hope Im wrong but something about this assassination scares me a little. I hope American is alert and on guard for any retaliations we may face. We might have woken the sleeper cells ...we will see ?

Great Job by all !!

Here we go ......

5 Ridiculous Sports You Won't Believe Were Olympic Events

Here's a tip for you criminal youngsters: low-riding pants and shoplifting from c-stores are a lethal combination

Pack your cheese hats and cheese condoms: The Air Sex World Championships are in Milwaukee May 5

And if you forgot what air sex is , watch this :

Alexa Nicole (NSFW) - That little cushion can't offer much support. No wonder she keeps squirming around trying to get comfortable

Life Lessons From The 1968 "Playboy" Club Bunny Manual ....Some advice is timeless.

Crappy - Yep, it's pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

Hot Girls Sucking On Beer Bongs - Alcohol is the way to a woman's vagina. Lots of alcohol is the way to a woman's bootyhole.

Ok , Your America Music Break .....

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