Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Im Speechless !!

I have been doing this a long time and have seen and posted alot of stuff that has been pretty outrageous . I usually try to comment on what I post and it usually writes itself ....That is until today .

Im going to post this video and for the first time doing this , I really dont know what to say . It starts out like any other corny commercial and pretty normal , Then it goes to places that I never saw coming or why they came . The chick is hot and I would definatley bang this one ( even after you watch the video ) but this is something that left me speechless .


Here it is :

See , There really isnt anything else to add after it ....I got nothing ?!

Here we go .....

The Very Best of the Scumbag Stacy Meme

"In the spirit of any guy who's ever been wronged by a woman, and the female version of Scumbag Steve, these are the 50+ greatest 'dude I've totally been through that' moments from the most controversial meme in Advice Animal meme history: Scumbag Stacy. Scumbag Stacy is that girl you've always pined after, done absolutely everything for, but will never have. Let's embrace our nerd rage in a round-up of the best of Scumbag Stacy because bro, we've all been there."

Pippa Is Back! The Official Pippa Middleton Topless Photos Are Returned To Egotastic

"Betty White, Sandra Bullock and Will Smith are the “most appealing” celebrities in the U.S."

6 Tricks Movies Use to Make Sure You Root for the Right Guy

Fucking White People !!! - Unlike bros at a frat party, this website won't fuck you from behind. Supposedly.

Jenni Reid (NSFW)- Who shot J.R.? With their load? In their dreams?

Papercraft Figures From Pop Culture - Oh, so you've got something you'd rather be doing than printing out templates for cubed action figures to play with at your desk? You go then, model employee.

This Is A Video Of A Dog Humping A Passed-Out Homeless Man. And that, my friends, are how hobos are conceived.

10 Famous Unsolved Mysteries Easily Explained By Science , Then they're not exactly "unsolved" now are they?

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