Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

Wave your flag, fellow American Citizen. We live in the best country that has ever existed. The almighty U.S.A.

While you are throwing some burgers and hotdogs on the grill, here’s a timeless speech about a topical subject: Fighting for Democracy, from an old movie.

Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator vs. Inception OST music.

Well, here we will see some mental freedom of the creepy side of TDC: willies' style.

Hotdogs are tasty. Grind any animal part up fine enough and grill it. I’ll eat it. But what if time slowed down while you are trying to eat one? And then the gravity made the hotdog super dense and heavy? Damn the Large Hardon Collider… Messing with time and gravity…

The Large Hardon Collider brought into our own dimension a particle (quark-gluon plasma) that is 100K times hotter than the center of the Sun, and so dense that an amount the size of a Reeses minicup would weigh 40 billion tons. It would fall to the ground, go through the ground like it was made out of smoke, and head to the center of the Earth. But it wouldn’t stop there. It would come out the other side, and then begin to fall back, doing this over and over again until it punctured the Earth as it turned. Cut it in half.

Off to the beach on this glorious day while you still can? Or perhaps the sidewalk?

Ladies and gentlemen, The Swimmer.

A 40mm machine gun at its finest: destroying shit. Sweet. Loud, too. Turn down your volume a bit.

Want to buy one? Shit out of luck. But if you could, why not pay with your cell phone? Google introduced a cell phone that will act as a wallet for you. Here’s how.

Well, being Memorial Day and all, let’s remember some excellent material from past posts for a little bit, cool?

Lazy Teenage Superheroes short from Michael Ashton. Someday, he’ll make the full length version?

GI Joe PSAs by Fenslerfilms. “Johnny, do ya play baseball?” “Who wants a body massage?” “Pork chop sammiches…” yeah…

Oh Noes, now we going deeper into willies-land. Sorry about that.

Salad Finger by David Firth, episodes 1-8 on auto play. You probably shouldn’t watch these cartoons.

After three years, here’s the latest installment of Salad Fingers, Number 9, “Letter.”


Chris Cunningham directed the Aphix Twin video Windowlicker. I want to party like this dude. NSFW with all the swearing.

If you like that sort of thing, here are a hundred videos on autoplay.

OK, need to bring you back.

Anti-anitdote, or is it simply dote?

Cute guitar duo. Proper. Home is where you are.

Thank you for visiting the Mighty TDC. The Daily Column does not and has never asked for money for its operation here for you to enjoy.

Richie Fowler does this in the spirit of the original intention of the creation of the World Wide Web.

www, keep it Free.

Free content, free sharing, freedom of information.

As you enjoy your extended weekend, raise a beer or what-have-you in honor of those who fought for such Freedom that we enjoy, and even take for granted, and of which many other countries can only hope to have someday.


Even if it allows such oddity as the above.

God Help You.

God Help Us All.

---willies out.

OK, One More For Ya, from my son Gabe, who reminded me of this movie we laughed our asses off at a decade ago. Many times. "I'm here to see the Cmmisshhnner!" Dayam...

Blankman is Everyman. Yup.

Did you think I forgot about the tale? Here it is.

Welcome to The NEW Daily Column!!