Monday, May 23, 2011

Rapture My Asscrack !!

Hello ??

Is anyone still there ??

Echo ....Echo ????

Did Everyone die on Saturday ??

Ok people , Show of hands on who died on Saturday . Cmon put em put , which of you are the undead right now and dont lie to me because I can spot a fucking zombie a mile away !! What complete crazy talk all that was and some of you dopes actually fell for it and starting questioning whether it might happen . Dont lie , you thought about it !

The Rapture people are looking pretty silly right about now as you can see from this video :

So Guy Von Harringa and the rest of the Rapture nutbags…what’s Plan B? I mean quitting your job and burning your life’s savings probably doesn’t seem like such a killer idea right now. You know considering that the world is still here and so are your mortgage and heating bills. Chalk this one up as a learning experience I guess?

I honestly heard a great rumbling earthquake sound around 5:59pm, but it turned out to be my stomach so i went to the shitter and took a Rapture, or maybe it was a Rupture....ahh who can tell ??

Here we go ......

Five Reasons The Rapture Did Not Occur

Holy Turtle Found on Day of Rapture . Well, it wasn't a complete loss.

Utah law makes acting sexy illegal

New Studies Say Viagra Can Cause Hearing Loss
. Talk about a wonder drug, Not only can you fuck women forever, but you don't have to listen to them.

Map shows the true size of Africa

I can tell you that Cairo-Jo'Berg is one long-ass flight, longer than crossing the Atlantic NY/London. That means the planes' sound systems can play Paul Simon's Graceland nearly 11 million times.

Jenny "Jwoww" Farley Bikini Photos Are The Only Good Thing To Come From "Jersey Shore" , Other than the endless supply of jokes at the other retards' expense.

A ridiculously in-depth analysis of every G.I. Joe animal sidekick. This is what the internet was made for people.

A Non Rapture Music Break ....

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