Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shoot to Thrill

TMZ You are not a Navy SEAL. You are not going to kill Osama bin Laden. You are not even going to see a photo of his dead body. But how ’bout the next best thing — you can hunt down fake terrorists in a paintball course designed to look like Osama’s compound in Pakistan! SC Village Paintball in Corona, CA dropped $250,000 to create a brand new paintball course called “Bin Laden’s Compound.” According to the owner, the course (which opens June 4) will feature 18-foot high walls to hide behind, Middle Eastern music, wrecked cars, a downed helicopter, sound effects of bombs going off, and referees and opponents dressed like members of the Taliban. Finally … we can have closure.

This is exactly what makes America great. Timeliness and capitalism. You’d be kidding yourself if you didn’t believe that every paintballer on the west coast wants in on the Bin Laden house. Just a great idea. As long as we Americans keep seeing stories about NYU students making over $100k on Osama’s Dead t-shirts and relative nobodies becoming overnight internet zillionaires, we’ll keep taking advantage of every opportunity possible to catch that American dream.

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