Sunday, May 22, 2011


Well, only the bad are left behind here after the world has ended.

So let's enjoy each other.






Interview with…

Well, you will have to guess.

This time around, I picked a random TDC forum member, and I looked through all of their posts and made up questions that their posts will answer. There is an easy way to figure it all out, but for those of you who can’t, the answer will be posted in the future.

Hopefully the honoree will be honored. This was actually tougher than you’d think; it was a lot like Jeopardy, but I didn’t win any money.

Anyway – here we go…


You live here in the lovely state of Connecticut, what do you think of the new budget?

I believe that when you hire a comedian for anything, you have to live with their humor. It's not like what he did was at all out of character, or should have been a shock to anyone familiar with his work.

So when we “hired” Mr. Malloy, we did it because he’s funny?

He'd be better as an organ donor.

You’re kind of losing me here…so he’s not funny?

TADA!!! ERRR...MMM...nevermind..

Why did you join TDC?

Because it beats the crap out of going down bare assed.

What keeps you here at TDC?

I refuse to open a Facebook account. It's not me, I just can't do it. People say I'm more nice in person than I come across on the board, and so I'd have to be "not me" in order to try to appear as I am - which then, by default, I'm not.

I love this shit!

Why can't a job be this stimulating?

Really glad you covered the Facebook thing; it kept me from having to ask. What do you do for work?

I was born a poor black child... Almost, at the other days pace, but you're right. If you hang around me, it will happen quickly by default.

Wait, if we hang around you long enough we will by default be born a poor black child?

Everyone will need a shrink before this is done.

You aren’t making any sense, but that can be expected, given your choice of lunch.

Guinness, it's not just for breakfast anymore.

Kudos to you my friend.

How do you feel about the showing, or lack thereof, of the Osama Bin Laden death photos?

The way you present any body of information to a child is more important than the information itself in terms of the child's reaction, what they assimilate from it, and how it affects them long term. How old have we become anyway when we're keeping things from young adults "to protect them" "in their best interest"? Is high school and all of its' experiences that far in the past that we can't remember what it felt like?

The world can be a harsh, brutal, violent place. I like to think as a parent I'm facilitating skills in my children which will allow them to stand on their own 2 feet, be productive, and successfully navigate the difficulties that they will face. I don't think that there's a magic age for that.

It shouldn't be shown in class by a teacher. That being said, there are some late adolescents who could handle it and some who can't, and being there or knowing the kids should make all the difference.

We are all children of the government? Some of us can handle it, some of us cannot?

That's it! Break out the pole, it's time for the Feats of Strength and the Airing of Grievances.


There you have it.

My interview with_________.

Harder to fashion this than you’d think!


Some videos for you.

Cat Warz

Cats in Tanks from Whitehouse Post on Vimeo.

Milk Love

A Love Story… In Milk from Catsnake on Vimeo.

Duke Nukem victim autopsy.

Real video documentary. Darwin’s Nightmare.

Fifth Element Music Mashup

The Onion ran a report about the new $800,000,000.00 Abortionplex.

Here are the reactions on Facebook of the truly gullible. Click it to make it big to read.

2264 miles in two minutes.

2264 Miles in 2 Minutes from Eric B. Shanks on Vimeo.

Stealing a cop car on crack, crashing it. Dashboard cam. It’s like a cool video game. But only one chance, no do-over. Where’s mah save point?

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