Friday, May 6, 2011

Stop , Drop and ......

I know this going to cause some controversy with those of you who enjoy wearing your work clothes everywhere you go 24/7 and think were all impressed you have a job but Im going to drop it anyways .

It's about volunteer firefighters who start there own fires to promptly are there when the fire starts so they can put them outand get credit . As far as Im concerned this sort of thing happens ALL THE TIME and im sure some of you will dispute it .Im not mad at him though .

Here's the story :

WPIX— A New Jersey volunteer firefighter was arrested and charged with arson after investigators say he set an abandoned home ablaze, alerted police then was the first one on the scene to fight it. According to authorities, Brian Alvarez, 23, of Ramsey called 911 at around 4:38 a.m. Sunday to report a house fire on East Crescent Avenue. Alvarez told police he had been driving near the home when he noticed the flames. After getting off the phone, the volunteer firefighter responded to the scene to battle the blaze, officials said. The home is reportedly owned by the Borough of Upper Saddle River and is used for fire department drills, some which Alvarez received training in. After firefighters contained the blaze, investigators quickly deemed the incident suspicious as the home was abandoned and had no working utilities. An preliminary investigation by the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office arson squad determined the fire was intentionally set in several places in the home. Authorities say they are now investigating other fires Alvarez reported to officials in the past including a number of vehicle fires.

Sure it’s easy to hate on this guy. Easy to point the finger at him. Like stop setting your own fires so you can put them out and look like a hero bro. But let me ask you this. If you’re going to have an arsonist set fire to your house would you rather have one who will call 911 and extinguish it for you or one who is going to run away? I don’t know about you but I’ll take the guy who is going to take responsibility for his actions and save the day. Sure in an ideal world you’d rather volunteer fire fighters not set their own fires, but hey we don’t live in an ideal world. Sometimes you got to compromise and heros come in all shapes and forms.

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