Friday, May 20, 2011


Cue the God Damn Duckboats , It has been raining for 5 straight days !!!

This weather has been crazy but it's probably because the end of the world is coming tomorrow so God is getting all his reserve rain and shitty weather out . You know what they say , you cant take it with you . I am loving this end of the world discussions morons get into like it's going to happen or something . Some people will believe anything you tell them and there are alot of those people floating around these days .

If the end of the world WAS tomorrow , How would you spend today ???

Just so you know , there is scientific proof that the world will end in 2012 , and f you dont believe me you can check this out !

Here we go ( maybe for the last time ? ) ......

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I dont know if there is a person in this world I would like to strangle more than this chick ?!

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Opie had some fun with it too

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Maybe my last Music Break ...

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