Tuesday, May 31, 2011



Summer is here and I couldn't be more happier than I am right now . This long holiday weekend was absolutley perfect for starting the summer off right and if this is any indication , we should have a banging summer this year !!

I want to start this short week off with a nice rant but Im too damn happy about all the shitty weather being gone that I just said fuck it and am enjoying this while it's here .

See , It's the little things that make me happy ( insert dick joke here )

Here we go .....

Great Pyramid of Giza Robot Explorer Reveals ‘Mysterious Markings

Purported Kristen Stewart Topless Preview from ‘On The Road’

You can debate about Sarah Palin's politics, but there's no debating that the woman looks hot in biker leather!

Joplin, before and after

Student who got lewd pic from Rep. Anthony Weiner's Twitter account denies she's his mistress

6 Insane DiY Surgeries You Won't Believe Actually Worked

Hikers: Bigfoot captured on video near Spokane( with video )

This Is A Video Of Themeena Afzal Working Out
And she works out as hard as her name is to pronounce which is great because that's what your penis will be, too. Hard. Like she works out. Or something.

Drunken Lake Havasu Party Girls: Memorial Day Edition

Summer Music Break ....

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