Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Adult Adoptions On The Rise….Wait What?

If I were the guy on the left , I would be smiling too with some fresh pussy around the house !!

MSNBC - Sandra Titus mists up with a mere glance at her adopted daughter’s baby photos.One of their first gifts to their daughter Jillian: a sterling silver baby cup engraved with her new initials. “To me, the cup means: ‘We’ll always make sure you’re taken care of,’ and no one can touch the fact that we’re family, that it’s unbreakable, irreversible. It’s priceless,” Jillian says. Impressive words from the “baby” of the family. But then, Jillian Titus is 29, and an executive at Nintendo in Redmond, Wash. Adult adoptions appear to be rising in America, according to Chuck Johnson, president and CEO of the National Council For Adoption. Adoption experts say, adults who have lost or are estranged from their biological parents befriend older people who begin to feel like mothers and fathers — and they ultimately seek to legalize that emotional attachment.

Chicks are so stupid it’s literally unbelievable. Like yeah I’ll fucking adopt a smokeshow 18 year old. No problem. I’ll put a roof over her head. We can all be one big happy family and cook smores by the campfire and shit. And then when the First Lady falls asleep at night I’ll crawl into bed and stuff the shit out of her. One big happy family indeed. I mean jeus Christ lady! Wake up! Your husband is plowing your fake kid! How fucking dumb are you? Adult adoption my ass. Sex slave is more like it. Hey I got nothing wrong with it, but let’s call a spade a spade. There is absolutely no shot the husband doesn’t fuck this chick. Zero.It will get dark tonight. These two will fuck. Both statements of fact.

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The 20 Funniest Internet Reactions to the NBA Finals

RazzieWatch 2011
: The Worst-Picture Race Begins

Hysterical !!

Pray for Lindsay Lohan

"It’s perfectly fine for her to have parties on the roof and drink and smoke with her friends, like she did yesterday.

This is her punishment And the legal system in LA is okay with that.

Matt and Trey are the kings of Broadway
. Their Mormon musical won 9 Tonys. I guess we now have to respect their authoritah.

Chyna , Formerly of the WWE , Has a new porno tape out and this one is clear as a bell ! ( NSFW )

A U.S. soldier has told the astonishing story of how he survived being impaled by an unexploded bomb which became lodged in his abdomen during an ambush in Afghanistan.

On the first day of kindergarten last September, I put a doodle on a 3x5 index card and put it in my son Andrew's lunchbox. I did it again the next day, and the next, and so on. I did this every day for the entire school year, never missing a day even when I was sick and recovering from a surgery.

My Rapist Friended Me on Facebook , d all I got was this lousy article.

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