Monday, June 13, 2011

Well That Sucked

Once again , Surfing the web everyday for links and cool stuff for you guys has killed my computer and once again Chris from brought it back from the dead . I had a nasty virus ( MS Removal Tool ) that got worse when I downloaded something called Spyware Doctor that was supposed to remove the virus but made it much , much worse . So Chris , after trying everything he could , Had to wipe the computer clean and start over again from scratch after reformatting the whole damn thing . It sucked but it's over and we move on .

If any of you need any sort of computer work or IT help for your small business or organization please call Chris and he will certainly take care of all your needs .

Here's something I have been Sitting on for a week :

Well you knew Dave Thomas wasn’t just going to sit around quietly while all the McDonald’s and the Taco Bell’s were getting all the glory. Wendy’s finally checking in with a bitch fight. Now right off the bat it looks like an obvious mismatch pound for pound, but somehow the chick whose tits are all about to fall out really holds her own. Granted she has half the restaurant on her side but that girl in the blue could play o-line for most D3 colleges in the country. “Take my shoe off!” Okay, okay! Then the security guard at the 57 second mark is just like “fuck it”. Kind of like a blogger on a Friday afternoon. Bottom line is you know it’s only a matter of time before all the major fast food chains get into the act, next up, I’m thinking either Friendly’s or Au Bon Pain.

Here we go .....

The greatest basketball team in the history of the world ... has finished second

"KFC Helps Fight Diabetes With Mega Jug Sized Pepsi"...Just to be clear, a Mega Jug is 64 oz of liquified sugar.

How To Be a Person: A Guide to Life for the Recent Graduate

Wow , This starts slow but gets more disturbing by the minute

The Vomitorium - The web's premiere throw-up humor site. That is all.

A Peek Inside The World Of Prison Personal Ads
Some of these chicks are pretty hot. And they'll definitely be horny and ready to titillate you with stories of lesbian prison sex when they get out. You know, in case you were in the market.

Katie Banks (NSFW)
- I'd like to make a deposit, please.

A Tribute To The All Powerful Sarlacc Pit - Everything you ever wanted to know about the terror of the Sarlacc Pit, but were too busy mourning the death of Boba Fett to ask.

Far above Cayuga's waters, Cornell University holds its first-ever 80th class reunion . Get this: 30 members of the class are still alive. They range in age from 100 to 103.

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