Friday, June 3, 2011

Yeah , I said It !!!

Ok , I know what I am going to say is going to piss off a couple people , mainly the women on here , and rightfully so but you have to understand that men will be men before everything else .

I know most of you have been following the Casey Anthony story and Im here to tell you all that CASEY ANTHONY IS A HOT PIECE OF ASS !!

Ok sure her murdering a defenseless child , being a complete nut and not reporting her child missing for a month while she went out party is going to put a cramp in her social life as well as dating life ....But it doesnt change the fact that she is totally bangable ! Now before you go and get your panties ( which we would like to see ) in a bunch , I in no way condone or accept her actions but thats a totally different animal we can get into another day . I hope she gets the chair and her blouse pops open as she is getting shocked !!

Let's see if I can break the hate email record today , huh ??

Here we go .....

At long last: The first amphibious ice cream van

Blake Lively - a follow-up set of images

After the first round of photos, Blake Lively's rep issued the following statement:

“The photos of Blake Lively which have just surfaced on various websites are 100 percent FAKE. Blake has never taken nude photos of herself.”

I found it odd that it was such a direct statement of denial. Usually these sorts of official statements are couched in weaselly language, ala Anthony Weiner's non-denial denials. The denial in this case was so absolute that I was tempted to believe it until I read the rest of the rep's statement. Blake's rep threatened to sue any site publishing the pics. That was pretty much of a confession. If a website publishes the pics without claiming that they are Blake, there's no grounds for a suit - unless, of course, the pics really are Blake's and were stolen from her.

There is now a second set of photos issued by the original hacker, who seems to be upset that his credibility had been questioned. As WWTTD points out:

"If it wasn’t already clear it should be now, but don’t ever insult someone smart enough to hack your cell phone. Because now the guy who released the original 5 pictures has released 12 more to prove that these are, as was obvious from the beginning, Blake Lively. He was telling the truth the whole time, yet was labeled a liar and a fraud by some simply because of their own fear and insecurities. But hackers have feelings too. They’re not monsters. In a case like this you have to ask yourself if maybe, just maybe, we are the monsters."

15 Gadgets for Filthy Rich Students

Billy Bob Thornton's Daughter Convicted of Aggravated Manslaughter (MUG SHOT)


Fox News attacks Sesame Street and says it was created for blacks and hispanics who can’t read. Because Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster really seem like the type to teach literacy specifically to minorities.

Asian kid sells a kidney for IPad 2. Just hope there’s an app for dialysis.

It really doesn’t matter if you can pronounce Nicole Scherzinger. With her body, it really doesn’t matter if she has a name in general.

Sorry, Disney. China is the happiest place on earth, with North Korea close behind.

North Korea's Chosun Central TV recently released the survey result of a 'Happiness Index (Gross National Happiness) of each nation,' which was conducted in North Korea.

According to the index, the happiest country in the world is China. North Korea is ranked no. 2.

The top five are rounded out by Cuba (3), Iran (4), and Venezuela (5).

The U.S. ranks last at No.203.

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